A Canoe

A ship can be steered by a leader to across the sea. By contrast, Canoe is a small-and-medium-sized boat operated by the river, lakeside or in the coastal areas.

Ke Yu Fang



There are many types of records, small personal record weight, diet and record income and expenditure records, great records or to contest the world record. “History” is a series of characters, but like A process according to sometimes search for a breakthrough, waiting for that highlight new ideas in the constancy, and sometimes behind the record of the presence of the majority of incidents, I was also a record the record.

Jean Wang


The here and now

“WE”, can be performers, audience, or stage property, even a kind of quality, or a part of space. “WE”, can be ANYTHING that we want to be currently.
We look forward to all possibilities to happen without expecting, and “WE” will always be with you.

Ching-Yi, Hsing


Giant Blue

Giant Blue is an imaginary creature which is similar to a worm.In daily life,Giant Blue makes some choices in the space where seems safe or unsafe. Maybe it’s a ridiculous existence. When it got laziness and depression, it started to get rid of the skin.And how the viewers could do? How to find the best coordination of blue.




A Improvision Perform

Bourrée studio


We are in the trapezoid

We are born under the class. it is a support or a carry on the back? Or climb upwards?

Hsueh You-Kai


Order a song for you

Feeling the current state intuitively, the current choice will be the best explanation.
This is more likely why we want to use the song to engage the audience.

Wei , Dun & Chun


The Passing

At the intersection, everything comes and goes; while the time carries the past and keeps walking toward the future, things bump into each other, like the moment we meet. Let’s breathe together for a while here, and then we pass, go through the arcade into our own future.

Chih-Chia Huang



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