The body is covered by a membrane that filters substances and messages. I silently stroke the octopus' slippery skin and gently suck the orange-red juice of papaya. Does the neural network under the skin really feel the touch, color and smell of the space?

The amniotic membrane protects the embryo like the ocean that shielded prehistoric organisms from the scorching sun before the formation of the ozone layer. In 2220, with advances in neuroscience and technology, a neuron-based language and primitive connections have been developed between human beings and other organisms. Across a wide spectrum of sexuality and relationships, human beings and other organisms keep searching for compatibility in relationships in a constant flow.


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Yunchen Chang and Creators

張勻甄是前無垢舞蹈劇場舞者、壞鞋子舞蹈劇場和梵體劇場的合作舞者、美國視覺藝術家Liz Magic Laser於巴黎龐畢度中心互動式展演之合作舞者,2019年於艋舺舞蹈節發表作品《她與她色彩斑斕的夢》。



Yunchen Chang has danced with Legend Lin Dance Theatre, Bare feet Dance Theatre and Vanbody Theatre. In 2018, she performed Liz Magic Laser’s project “Handle/Poignée” in the Pompidou Centre in Paris. In 2019, her choreographic work “She and Her Dreams of All Hues” was presented in Want To Dance Festival.

Zito Tseng is a self-taught artist focusing on the exploration of sexuality beyond procreation and pleasure. The concept of this performance project draws inspiration from his creative project during his artist residency in France.

Wu Yu-Tien, who exists in the body of the artist Wu Yu-Jung, enjoys exploring different possibilities of fiber experiment and creation.

時間地點 Time & Venue

15 - 20 mins

4/18 (Sat.) 18:00



Huajiang House Overpass

4/19 (Sun.) 14:00



Huajiang House Overpass


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