This is a first time solo with improvised dance and text. The work is based off the relationship between my body, loss, grief and the notion of home.I will use my personal trajectory and training in improvisation dance to tell the story of many, transcending my own upbringing and breaking taboos around the dancing female muslim body, the isolation it encounters and the charges it receives.The title of this work stems from a saying my mother repeated to me, over the phone, as a frightened newly landed student in France. Your country is the country where you can eat bread, she declared once when she’d had enough. It was her way to wean me. It was her way to rationalize the pain and free both of us from grief. Twenty three years later, I became an expert at bread improvising, Casablanca, Grenoble, Sherbrooke, Frankfurt, Singapore, Vancouver and Taipei, the only constants my body and the suspicions around it.

For the full-length video released by the artist, please check: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mz35qjziM58.


+Creative Team

- Seating in the Jen-Chi Relief institution maybe limited to the elderly.
- Some level of nudity and adult language to be expected.
- Performance is in English language.


Offensive and Disposable


Hasnaa is one who exposes a body of invisible histories and untold stories. She uses decades of lived experience and feeling through of unsafe childhood spaces, border checks, meeting rooms and abusive relationships to research what it does to be somewhere. There is no aesthetic ambition to her experiment, other than what arises from improvisation dance teachings and pre-written text. Hasnaa doesn’t come from a long formal dance training. However, she spent the last 6 years learning to paint, formulate her ideas and dance-improvise. Hasnaa is most grateful for the opportunity to dance in Taipei unobstructed.

時間地點 Time & Venue

30 mins

4/18 (Sat.) 20:00



Taipei Jen-Chi Relief Institute

4/19 (Sun.) 20:00



Sugar Refinery Cultural Park


艋舺國際舞蹈節|Want to Dance Festival

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