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VR 舞蹈體驗
VR Dance Experience

See Through3.jpg

《See Through》

15 mins



L 龍山文創基地-Str. ACD

 Longshan Culture & Creative Base - Str. ACD

創作背景 Background


Due to the disruptions of war in Israel, artistic activities were forced to halt. Artists combined VR technology with dance, bringing dance into local hospitals and schools. Art allowed the world to hear their voices and injected new life into the art halted by the conflict.

節目介紹 Program Introduction

這是耶路撒冷MASH Dance House 首次以虛擬實境形式創作,搭配其原創音樂,將參與者包圍在360度的無邊際空間內。一起踏上融合舞蹈和聲音的迷人之作,將我們帶入一個不受時空限制的世界。在這裡,兩個角色努力解開他們下一步動作的謎團。

Virtual reality experience. A dance and sound creation that draws us into a timeless space where two characters try to crack their next move.
The couple is trying to communicate on a distant star, stuck in a loop where it repeats familiar patterns for both them and us. Sometimes the characters are on the upper hand, and sometimes they are submissive, until one of them breaks the rules and exits from the virtual world to the realistic world. One draws a weapon, and from here, anything can happen. 
This is the first creation of MASH Dance House in Jerusalem, specially produced for the 360-degree virtual dimension alongside the original music that also surrounds us.
Embark on a captivating virtual reality experience — a mesmerizing fusion of dance and sound that transports us into a timeless realm. Here, two characters endeavor to unravel the mystery of their next move.

使用提醒 Usage Reminder


For a comfortable virtual reality experience, do not use a head-mounted display in the following conditions: fatigue, lack of sleep, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, mental stress or anxiety, suffering from colds, flu, headaches, migraines, or earaches. Using a head-mounted display under the aforementioned conditions may exacerbate your discomfort symptoms.

MASH Dance House Production

製作團隊 Production Team

概念與編舞 Concept and Choreography:Ofra Idel
XR藝術家與視覺特效導演 XR Artist and VFX Director:Itay Ben Yosef
舞者與共同創作者 Dancers & Co-Creators:Itamar Galina、Yulia Mejetskaya
VR導演與藝術指導 VR Director and Artistic Guidance:Ruby Edelman
視覺特效團隊 VFX Team:Royi Rozen、Yarin Didi、Ariel Ben Yosef、Yonatan Ohana、Dor Nahir
原創音樂與音樂編輯Original Music and Music Editing:Itay Tamarov
藝術顧問 Artistic Consultant:Rachel Erdos
服裝 Costumes:Yasmin Steinmetz

主辦單位 Organizer:曉劇場 Shinehouse Theatre

技術合作 Technical Cooperation:財團法人資訊工業策進會 Institute for Information Industry

場地協力 Venue Cooperation:臺灣街頭藝術文化發展協會 Str. ACD




The Emotional Body


J 龍山文創基地-曉黑箱

 Longshan Culture & Creative Base -

 Black Box of Shinehouse Theatre

Anne-Mareike Hess透過這個工作坊向參與者介紹她的藝術作品和對於身體工作的方法。從身體是我們社會的一面鏡子這個前提出發,參與者將探索動作、感覺和情感之間的聯繫。 這個工作坊被設計成一次長時間的身體之旅,致力於熱身整個身體、找到骨架支撐,特別專注於開放感官,讓自己對於不斷透過感官湧入我們身體的所有訊息變得敏感。受啟發於體感練習、解剖學和當下性工作,我們使用即興和想像力讓整個身體 - 包括臉部 - 都動起來。

我的主要焦點在於身體與其轉化的潛力;身體在社會中的地位和狀態,與在舞台上的呈現、表現和感受。我的工作以精確的動作語言為特色,具體化和實現與當代相關的身份問題和主題,並與觀眾分享。 多年來,我發展了一個稱為“情感之軀”的動作實踐,在這個實踐中,我使用想像力和感官工作將整個身體 - 包括臉部 - 放入加強的身體和情感狀態中,並以創作滲透身體,讓其中每一種情感、每一種心情和氛圍都變得可見。例如,“Tanzwut”(2014)、“Synchronization in process”(2016)和“"Give me a reason to feel”(2017)都是基於這種實踐。自2018年以來,我一直將我的藝術工作集中在(去)建構性別刻板印象和身體作為父權慾望和觀念的投影表面,這些工作至今已經衍生出了“Warrior”(2018)和“Dreamer”(2021)以及三重奏“Weaver”(2023)等獨舞作品。

Anne-Mareike Hess offers the participants with this workshop an introduction into her artistic work and approach to working with the body. Starting from the premise that the body is a mirror of our society, the participants will explore the connection between movement, sensation and emotion.
The workshop is structured like one long physical journey, devoted to warming up the whole body, finding skeletal support and particularly focusing on opening the senses and becoming sensible for all the information that is constantly flooding into our bodies through our senses. Inspired by somatic practices, anatomy and presence work, we are using improvisation and imagination to put the whole body - including the face - in motion.

Her main focus lies on the body and its inherent potential for transformation; Its status and exposure in society, as well as its presentation, representation and perception on-stage. Her work is characterized by precise movement language, embodying and materializing identity questions and themes relevant to our times and sharing them with an audience.
Throughout the years, she has developed a movement practice, which she calls “the emotional body”, where she uses a combination of imagination and sensory work to put the whole body - including the face - into heightened physical and emotional states in order to create permeable bodies in which every emotion, every mood and atmosphere becomes visible. Works like "Tanzwut" (2014), "Synchronization in process" (2016) and "Give me a reason to feel" (2017) are based on this practice. Since 2018 she has been focusing her artistic work around the (de)construction of gender stereotypes and the body as a projection surface for patriarchal desires and ideas, which so far has led to the solos “Warrior” (2018) and “Dreamer” (2021) and the trio “Weaver” (2023).




J 龍山文創基地-曉黑箱

 Longshan Culture & Creative Base -

 Black Box of Shinehouse Theatre

在這個工作坊中,James Batchelor將分享一些他在表演《Hyperspace》背後的練習和想法。工作坊以James分享他在南極之旅中獨特的經歷開始,以及他如何開發一套利用自己的身體來映射船舶環境的系統。接下來是James在《Hyperspace》中表演的即興練習介紹,這涉及到進入微觀細節的身體探索運動。

In this workshop James Batchelor will share some of the practices and ideas behind the performance Hyperspace. The workshop begins with James sharing his unique experience on the Antarctic voyage and how he developed a system of mapping the environment of the ship with his body. This will be followed by the introduction to an improvisation practice that James performs in Hyperspace, which involves diving into the body in micro-detail with gentle exploratory movements.

The workshop is open to anybody who has a curiosity about the body and wants to move - it’s not just for trained dancers. The workshop is also suitable for participants with reduced mobility and other access needs.


Me and My Body


J 龍山文創基地-曉黑箱

 Longshan Culture & Creative Base -

 Black Box of Shinehouse Theatre

從身體開始,我們意識肌肉,以呼吸為介質橋接情緒和肉體的相互連結。 讓我們以一同透過身體的練習,開啟身體的流動能量,這一次,希望能邀請女性,讓我們談身體、聊身體、認識身體,挖掘並意識存於內在原有的陰性能量。

Starting from our own body, we first sense the existence of our muscles, then use breathing as the bridge to connect our emotions and flash. Through various movement activities, we will gradually switch on the energy flow in our body. The workshop welcomes biologically females, like me, to join and to talk about our body, to get to know more about our body, and to dig deeper then to raise our awareness of feminine power inside of us.


Listening to Jump Rope


J 龍山文創基地-曉黑箱

 Longshan Culture & Creative Base -

 Black Box of Shinehouse Theatre

來自義大利的資深藝術家Parini Secondo受到Instagram和TikTok上跳繩序列的啟發,以及國際知名跳繩者如Lauren Jump和Coach Chris的實踐,Parini邀請參與者通過利用跳繩發出的聲音和一些聲音元素來創作節奏並創作音樂。我們能用這些原本非樂器的物品,來創作我們最喜歡的音樂嗎?計劃的練習包括在坐姿下進行的聆聽練習。

Brief description of the proposed practice:
Parini Secondo proposes a choreography workshop based on jumping rope. Inspired by jump-rope sequences encountered on Instagram and TikTok and practiced by internationally renowned jumpers such as Lauren Jump, Coach Chris, and the Italian jump-rope team Marc Rope, Parini invites participants to compose rhythms and create music by exploiting only the sound produced by the rope, supported by some vocal elements. Can we compose with these few instruments, the music we like best?


Dowing Workshop


L 龍山文創基地-展演廳

 Longshan Culture & Creative Base -

 Exhibition Hall


The Dowing Workshop offers an opportunity for a deep exploration of the mind-body harmony. Rooted in traditional Chinese health practices, it combines breathwork, meditation, and movement to achieve balance and harmony. Whether you're a beginner or experienced, this workshop will guide you into the world of exploring the mind-body connection.

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