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Contemporary, Physical Theatre


Gesang Dance Theater / I-Fan,Wu



Grandma's Clothes

★ 首演 Premiere






When a loved one leaves the world, the things she leaves behind begin to have irreplaceable meaning. For those who will use it later, it is not just an object, but an extension of life memory and emotion.

If I can decide what kind of people I can give my important things to while I'm alive, isn't it that I'll cherish the time I use things more?

During the days when she was with her grandmother in the hospital , she still paid so much attention to her clothing and manners. For her, it was a manifestation of her attitude towards life. I always accompany my grandmother, how I hope she can do what she loves as freely as she did when she was not sick, and recover to a relaxed, active and healthy body. The experience of accompanying her in the days of taking care of her was like an intimate dance, but it was only at the end of her life that I became so closely connected.

Looking at the beautiful clothes she left behind, did grandma ever wear them and live the life she liked?

I took these clothes and put them on, and I became another me, or am I no longer just me, but me with my grandmother?



Gesang Dance Theater was founded in 2020 by I-Fan,Wu, who is a visual artist and an Argentine tango dancer, and is dedicated to cross-disciplinary exhibitions. Taking the ability to integrate field, theme, physical theater, dance performance, live music and performance art as its development direction, it has previously published works in the 2020 Naolu Guandu Art Festival and the 2021 I-Dance Taipei Festival.

I-Fan,Wu, Master of Fine Arts in National Taipei University of the Arts,
Argentine tango has worked in Asia and Europe, performed with Taiwanese theater, film, TV, MV and other cross-border activities, served as an instructor, participated in the Fringe Festival, Just Dance TV programs, and cooperated with the North City Wind Orchestra; Taipei, Seoul, Tokyo, Moscow Tango Festival and other performances.
She used to be the instructor of TNUA and National Taiwan University's Argentine Tango Club,
A number of promotion lectures and teachings in universities and Rotary clubs.
Hosts international tango events such as the Argentine Tango Master Camp.
She has also served as a DJ for tango dances at home and abroad for five years.


Producer: I-Fan,Wu
Choreographer & Dancer: Chien-Yao, Liao、Jhao-Ting, Chen、I-Fan,Wu
Music Designer & Performer : Ching-Ju, Cheng

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