【團隊或藝術家 Name of Artist/Company 】

方駿圍 FANG, Jyun-Wei

【節目介紹 Introduction of Project】




BJ4, the pronunciation resembles “no need to explain” in mandarin. It is a word exclusive among teenage communities, and also a unique catchphrase in the network generation that I belong. This play is inspired by the spirit of America hip-hop culture, and it’s like a creative dance of two. Hip–hop was a subculture genre originated from African American teenager’s fight against mainstream culture. Its music and dance moves feature a kind of “attack and defense awareness”. I have always paid attention to power plays between people. For example tension in a relationship, road rages, under table wars in silence, and the way Kung Fu masters “talking hands”(name their moves and strategies without physically fighting). The battle starts and finishes in silence. I observe B-Boy dancers practicing on the streets. They couldn't even afford a small rehearsal space, however, they focus all the energy between the rhythms of their body and the floor. In a dance, there’s no need for language to interact. The awareness of “attack and defense” is everywhere. And more interestingly, I realize that the major part of human learning and reacting behavior are non-verbal physical actions. The body has its own consciousness. Its nature is presented raw in front of people in the situation of attack and defense. Besides these ideas, I want to bring the subject back to those grassroots, marginalized, wore-down people in the economic system. I want to construct a sort of rough vitality through the dance that happens under difficult environments. “B”,”J”,”4”, each has a symbol and metaphor in this play, and it also means that when a performance happen, the communication between the performer and the audience is beyond words, no need to explain. Here I can only say, “Take a look, “BJ4.”

【製作群/演出人員 Production Team/ Crew】
編舞方駿圍 Choreographer/ FANG, Jyui-Wei

製作人沈琬婷 Producer/ SHEN, Wan-Ting

舞者吳志維 Dancer/ WU, Zhi-Wei

舞者錢立訢 Dancer/ QIAN, Li-Xin



FANG, Jyun-Wei


Fang Jyunwei, a young dancer who born in South of Taiwan, His works talking about land complex , people and martial arts, and is committed to the integration of new and traditional. In the opening ceremony of the National Taichung Theater in 2016, he was featured as a guest dancer.

演出時間 Show Time

演出長度 Duration:10 Mins

4/27(六) 19:30

U 華江整宅天橋
U Huajiang House Overpass

4/28(日) 17:30

U 華江整宅天橋
U Huajiang House Overpass