取消演出 Cancelled

【團隊或藝術家 Name of Artist/ Company 】

MaharakU Dance Company

【節目介紹 Introduction of Project】

Body technology has memories of culture and emotion in the joints, muscles and every breath that moves and stretches. It shifts between memories and fantasy about the future. 

While the body of technology is not just about machines, but the signs of a change in worldview and the work of the body. Connected or disconnected, inside or outside the boundary, fixed or unsteady, displacement and residence.

The body always creates a balance of self with every object, nature and space. But, we are often in an unbalanced situation and there is always a problem. 

M.A.R.S is a corporal question of anything that seems unbalanced. Driven by speculations and binary decisions of those rooted in many different locations. Because we are always in it, but do not really know what is going on.

【製作群/演出人員 Production Team/ Crew】

Choreographer and Dancer/Galih Mahara
Producer/Maudy Widitya
Dramaturg/Taufik Darwis
Composser/Ridwan Saidi
Stage Manager/Kenny Fahmi Mulyadi
Costum Designer/Meliathesa Dianti
Lighting/Raden Angga Gusmawan
Graphic Design/Farid Shobri


MaharakU Dance Company


Galih Mahara born in Ciamis March 15, 1988. Active in dance performance since 2007 at K.I.G UPI Dance Community Bandung.

Participated in artistic research program (Arco Renz, Joned Suryatmoko, Nindityo Purnomo, Daniel Kok) at Indonesian Dance Festival. 

Joining Residency Class Contemporary at P7: 1sma Dance Company in Singapore, which "NGOPI" as a dance work in BlackBox Drama Center Singapore. 

Joining the Masterclass And lecture performance at Arco Renz at the Goodman Art Center Singapore  

One of his dance work, "M.A.R.S." had been performed at Singapore's Goodman Art Center Blackbox in 2018.



According to our name, we are  focus on the production of dance performance.
The concentration of our program is a cultural exchange program.
With the aim of creating cultural contact between artists.
So that there is an exchange of aesthetic experiences interpretation of symbols and also local and cultural events that occur at each country, which might have something in common. Dialogue that occurs between artists through contact this culture, can be used as a creative process to creating new works.


演出時間 Show Time

演出長度 Duration:30 Mins

4/26(五) 19:00

A 曉地方藝文空間2樓

A Shinehouse Art Space 2F