My Sweet Castle

A personal space in my heart.
I can feel free and open my heart without any stress at there, and I can show my dark side like a jealous, complex to care nothing to public eyes here. On the other side, I also have light side which I can enjoy and focus on something with no pressure from anyone and anything.

This is my own space, nobody even for family, boyfriend and best friend is allowed to enter the space.

【團隊或藝術家 Name of Artist/ Company 】

黒沼千春 Chiharu KURONUMA

【節目介紹 Introduction of Project】

This is a special piece which I tried to brush up my original idea into new piece by using different aspect but also same concept. The original was showed in 2017 with very unique props in Tokyo and I brought it to international festival in 2018 in Thailand and Laos after brushed up. However, I felt I needed to brush up more in order to be more artistic piece as contemporary choreographer, and I re-made this piece in 2019 for a performance at art gallery in Singapore in this February. I adopted it to the gallery performance, but I re-remade it to theater piece.
I am always interested in the emotion in their heart both dark side and light side because all of us have a lot of experiences and emotions in our lives. I would like to find the way to show some part of emotions through my piece in order to share with audiences. For instance, someone might sympathize or empathize with the feeling of, “frustration” when someone struggle and feel unconfidence on the relationship between the person and their boss, “small light” when someone found the helping hand by friend under the dark sky. Actually, I gave a lot of sympathizes and empathize from performing arts perfromances and it made me happy from the deep dark ocean even though the concept of the piece weren’t happy end.
I hope that there is someone who sympathize or empathize with something from my piece and feel something and be happy through my projects.

【製作群/演出人員 Production Team/ Crew】

Choreographer, Dancer/ Chiharu KURONUMA



Haru is a dancer, choreographer and calligrapher based in Japan. She graduated from Trinity Laban conservatoire of Music and Dance and got Diploma in contemporary dance studies in London. Outside of her studies, she works with a wide variety of artists: a photographer, musician, visual artists and fine artists. She gradually expanded her field to performed to Taiwan, Cambodia, Singapore, Thailand and Korea in a few years. She was allowed to join Taipei Fringe Festival in 2015 and Bangkok Theatre Festival and Fang Mae Khong International dance festival in 2018.

演出時間 Show Time

演出長度 Duration:9 Mins

4/27(六) 16:00

A 曉地方藝文空間2樓
A Shinehouse Art Space 2F

4/27(六) 21:30

B 曉地方藝文空間3樓
B Shinehouse Art Space 3F