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    A Blooming Tree

    T.T.C. Dance

    A Blooming Tree is choreographer Ting-Ting Chang’s attempt to decipher the works of contemporary poet Xi Murong from a female’s perspective, ingraining her dance with the essence of Xi’s famous poem, A Blossoming Tree. As the society continues to develop, the changes in gender roles and relationships inspired Chang to experiment with the possibility of Dance Literature, exploring another way to “read” the dance and “view” the poem. The words and phrases are developed and translated into body movements by the dancers, as the choreography attempts deconstruct and reconstruct the meanings of memories, emotions, and feeling.

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    Andy Lin Dance

    Choreographed by 2017. It starts by a pure and simple idea with Claude Debussy’s music. By avoiding the heavy issues, letting people relax and enjoy the piece.

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    FANG, Jyun-Wei

    BJ4, the pronunciation resembles “no need to explain” in mandarin also a unique catchphrase in the network generation that I belong. This play is inspired by the spirit of America hip-hop culture, and it’s like a creative dance of two. “B”,”J”,”4”, each has a symbol and metaphor in this play, and it also means that when a performance happen, the communication between the performer and the audience is beyond words, no need to explain. Here I can only say, “Take a look, “BJ4.”

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    HEISH, Kuang-Yu

    Being an human is same as being a product. We’re all different and each of us has our own labels, like a code of ourselves. We’ll know each person by overlapping, repeating and reorganizing each other’s code. But you can never predict the consequence.

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    Con Salball

    Chiang, Chieh-Hsi/ Hung, Jui-Hsien

    <Con Saball> "Con" comes from Latin and meaning "with" in English, and "Saball" is a combination of Salsa and Ballroom dance. As the name implies, it is a performance of international ballroom dance mingled Salsa dance. The work tries to take a contemporary mind to communicate with the body elements of social dance, to expand a journey of physical exploration. Like peeling onions, look for the precious and beautiful "heart zone" in layers. And take a closer look at the connection and taste slight changes between “take and send” in our hands.

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    Death Mirror Chant

    Vinci,Mok@Moving Arts

    Wandering into the death mirror, life will become more brave? Or less consider ?or more unscrupulous? or close ? or more honest? or hidden with the most weakness and helpless of the one that cannot being more naked? Surrounding by the neon lamb and incense smoke at Wanhua district and Longshan Temple, peels from the wall corner reflects the twisted shadow of a hanging white face with her high heels in a silent night.

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    Disembodied Body

    Life Holds No More

    Like an aged machine will be shut down because of derogative component. As a human, we may also breakdown because of long-term torture. Would a human’s life be changed, if we could see the process?

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    Gray Fragment

    Liu, Jun-De

    I feel that life is like a combination of fragments, and the materials that construct these fragments are memory, memory of the mind, memory of the body, and inertia, all of which are the driving forces for me to continue. Under the understanding of most people, ash is a fuzzy area between black and white; for me it is used to describe the best color of life.

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    I know that nothing is what I know.

    LIN, Yi-Chi

    Welcome to join, then give me your time. I know that nothing is what I know. Those who live, move, breathe, touch, watch, listen, decide a moment that belongs to us, and also become a guest of each other.

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    In The Moment

    Jane Wang

    Two people, a violin, both dancers and musicians, inspired by in the moment.

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    MaharakU Dance Company

    Body technology has memories of culture and emotion in the joints, muscles and every breath that moves and stretches. It shifts between memories and fantasy about the future. While the body of technology is not just about machines, but the signs of a change in worldview and the work of the body. Connected or disconnected, inside or outside the boundary, fixed or unsteady, displacement and residence. The body always creates a balance of self with every object, nature and space. But, we are often in an unbalanced situation and there is always a problem. M.A.R.S is a corporal question of anything that seems unbalanced. Driven by speculations and binary decisions of those rooted in many different locations. Because we are always in it, but do not really know what is going on.

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    PiTA Production

    Let’s leave this moment and create some meanings right away. This is a temporary sum-up of the passing PiTA Production. We believe that there’s still some new meanings created when we start to look back of ourselves.

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    My Sweet Castle

    Chiharu KURONUMA

    A personal space in my heart. I can feel free and open my heart without any stress at there, and I can show my dark side like a jealous, complex to care nothing to public eyes here. On the other side, I also have light side which I can enjoy and focus on something with no pressure from anyone and anything. This is my own space, nobody even for family, boyfriend and best friend is allowed to enter the space.

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    NoN défaut

    Billy Chang, Yi-Chun

    In the program, try to create with a variety of non-mainstream dancers, break through the previous aesthetics and values of performing arts and mainstream art, try to find the purest body vocabulary, and discard the previous body dance performance or It is the established aesthetics and definitions in the field of performing arts. It attempts to develop and create the possibility of deconstruction and reorganization of limbs under inadequate physical conditions or limited physical conditions. ​

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    Once Upon a Time on the Bridge

    Wing Troupe

    Once upon a time, there were princesses and a princes encountering each other on the bridege. They had to overcome several trials such as escaping from a tower, breaking the cold glass coffin, leaving a shoe, growing the white wings. After all, they expected to break the curse by a true love kiss……

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    Bo-Jia HUANG

    We are all a group of people who live on this circle, running every day without sleep, until the day we die.

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    Maya Dance Theatre

    The new explorative work in-progress deals with the concept of body-image. A concept that brings with it the societal expectation for people to develop a ‘perfect body’. Through our research we strive to enquire and find the extent to which one will go to achieve the perceived ideal physical state, or is it merely a question of the state of mind? We wonder while traversing this path, if there's a place for the soul - devoid of the body it is contained in? Will this pursuit unsettle our inner peace as we voluntarily subject ourselves to personal discomfort and the ridicule of people around us! When the body decays, do we risk losing our soul!

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    Pai, Yen-Yu

    We be on the new page, we be skipping over it.

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    LIAO, Chien-Yao

    This piece explores whether stress would hinder us or prompt us to move forward. I often wonder about the different kinds of pressure humans face in life and how we explain or deal with them. We may not necessarily know what others are going through, but we can always put ourselves into their shoes and at the same time, put things into perspective. Pressure is invisible, but yet it is an undeniable force that drives us forward or pushes us backward.

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    Psychical Polymer Ceremony

    Yu-Shan Tsai

    Dancing at the streets of the city Forming beyond imagination Dancing at the streets of the city For the soul, and for blood Someone dancing in the streets of the city On the side, how long can you watch? Don't just gently flapping the foot in the MRT

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    She and Her Dreams of All Hues

    CHANG Yun-Chen

    Tangled up in thoughts and emotions that are hard to express, alone at night, she comforts herself with gentle touch and sinks into her dreams. Between the waking state and sleep, she dives into the fantastic and intimate time-space where she encounters her trauma, desire, fear and fantasy by chance. The dream is a “real” time-space interwoven with memories, where the body enters the circuit of multiple time-space, surrounded by multiple worlds. The memory has no ideal final form to achieve. Instead of being attached to a certain timeline, it is spreading towards unlimited diversities. The real time-space of dreams interweaves, transforms and montages memories, and disappears like the fog drifting away with the rising sun.

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    Somatosensory Heterotopia

    WANG, Heng

    We criticize and reconstruct our living space by the concept of “heterotopia”, and eliminate any original intention and value, and then redefine the space. How do we imagine, recognize and feel the space and city in our lives?

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    Locking Tim

    Everyone's life course has its own time axis. Everyone is also a branch of the timeline, which aggregates us from different time and space backgrounds, and how to understand, trust and resonate with the branches within the group.

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    The Wan Island

    Yell Theatre

    Player logged in ! An adventurous game in Wan island has begun. Follow the instruction of your NPC and let it lead your way through one by one levels and MORE ! Accomplish missions from The Son of God to get bonus rewards.Upgraded! Even you find those missions and rules are so creepy and odd.The more you get deep in this adventure the more you’ll be questioning about what you see….

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    To Be Continued

    Keelung Bellydance

    There is always a little girl in a woman’s heart Do you remember the dream when you still young? The desire for love Looking forward to the future Be hurted by the worldly life Lost your mind when miss who you truely love Keelung belly dance combined middle eastern dance and story to tell you the women’s secret We will show you Singing in the rain / Lost / Time never going back … Welcome to immersed yourself in our dance To be Continued

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    Unfinished: Impressions of Our Hometown


    “Lei Dance Theater” was actually inspirited by the name of “Hsin-Lei Dance Company.” The Director as well as Producer, Alison Wang, always has a faith to enhance her mother, professor Yu-Ying Wang’s dance education ideals. She has made up her mind that she wants to found a professional dance group in her home town, Hsin-Chu. Therefore, “Lei Dance Theater” is a place where gathers a group of outstanding artists, who regard professional performers as their life career goal. Lei Dance Theater is also a place that uses various methods to train dancers to convey messages, even stories, through their body movements. Therefore, Lei Dance Theater, LDT is finally come to life in 2016.

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    We are not human at all.

    Chuang, Po-Hsiang

    Upon facing the lost of body temperature during death, people should learn how to appreciate the warm before it's gone.

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    White Mask


    The body is in the alternation of the Hammock, and it is necessary to breathe hard. The soul can get the purity and relief of the highest unit, perhaps really seeing him in front of the face of death. All dancers will receive reflections and responses between the bridge, Hammockand body, and then extend.

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    __________ We Are

    Lin, Ray-Yu | 0 Preduction

    My creativity comes from those happened in my life. No matter encountering the trivial or the difficult, we creators use our rationality and sensibility to transform lives into our works. Though these feelings seem personal, however they always reflect the generations’ structures of feelings.