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張堅豪、JAN Möllmer

CHANG, Chien-Hao; JAN Möllmer


What is Danger?

(work in process)

什麼是危險?不出門就一定安全嗎?我們每天都在面對問題和解決問題,而危險有時候是隱藏的; 當然還會考量到發生的機率以及危害到自身的嚴重程度,而運動甚至是跳舞其實也不例外; 危險通常會分成兩種途徑眼睛看的見和看不見的,身體是在看到之後還是其實在發生危險之前就先有反應了。危險同時伴隨著競賽,也是這次為什麼找Jan Möllmer一起創作的原因,除了結伴在這次的創作發展中進行探索之外,也能夠互相刺激和累積共同的身體經驗,進而相互成為觸發身體在危險之下進行的應對。

At first, it was transformed from events/accidents/images/text records to the kinetic energy when the body is in "danger". A series of exercises and arrangements to predict how the body is activated before and how to let the body go first to trigger the event between dance and danger.
What is the danger? Is it totally safe if you don't go out? We face and solve problems and danger every day; of course, the probability of occurrence and the severity of harm to ourselves must also be considered includes sports and dance; danger is usually divided into two categories: In this way, the eyes can see and cannot be seen, whether the body reacts after seeing it or actual before danger occurs. Danger is accompanied by competition, which is why Jan Möllmer and I started together. In addition to exploring together in this creative development, we stimulate each other and accumulate common physical experience, and then become mutual triggers for the body to be in danger. response to be carried out.

創作者|About Artists


身為創作、表演者,他擅長用流暢的肢體作為語彙,從作品中轉譯個人從生活中感受到的事物和體驗; 近期2022年在臺中歌劇院TIFA的跨影像創作《平行視探》,其中使用了紙箱作為媒材,它除了外觀顏色貼近皮膚之外,也自成為一個空間的想像; 以此概念作為身體和影像之間溝通的渠道,透過紙箱這個生活中常見的物件,重新擺放和拆解屬於身體的記憶。

JAN Möllmer
出生於德國烏帕塔,因參與碧娜鮑許《青春交際場》製作而開始跳舞,畢業於德國埃森福克旺藝術大學,多年擔任福克旺舞蹈工作室及烏帕塔舞蹈劇場客席舞者,曾與艾曼紐.蓋特(Emanuel Gat)、大衛•赫南德茲(David Hernandez)、Cie laroque/HeleneWeinzierl、Reinhild Hoffmann合作;2015年獲北萊茵威斯特法倫州政府頒發舞蹈和戲劇推廣獎;2020-2022以舞者身份與迪米特里·帕派約安努(Dimitris Papaioannou)合作世界巡演作品《Transverse Orientation》。

CHANG Chien-Hao as a choreographer and performer, he using smooth bodies as a vocabulary, his choreography reflects the objects and stories he experience through in daily life; According to his newest creation "SEE" in 2022, he used cardboard box as object, addition to its appearance and color, it also becomes skin and space like human body; this concept serves between the body and camera lens; the cardboard box as a common object in our daily life, it becomes the image of rearrange and disassemble the memories of body.


創作/表演者:張堅豪、JAN Möllmer

Choreographer/ Performer:
CHANG, Chien Hao、JAN Möllmer



WAN Theater

2023/4/22 19:30

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