A Canoe

A ship can be steered by a leader to across the sea. By contrast, Canoe is a small-and-medium-sized boat operated by the river, lakeside or in the coastal areas.

Ke Yu Fang



The ancient building, the old stairs A unique age, gorgeous will dance with vintage… The story will start with a Bailan girl Chi Chi a ordinary young girl but have a amazing dream…

Keelung Bellydance


Don't throw your dreams in

Toilet Dietary Restrictions——“NOT OK”: Sanitary products, things you are not sure whether that’s ok, or
Your dreams.

Cheng Shun Wen


Freeze! Salad Days~ — “Free Steps 3x2”, “Senses of Body”

When young dancers meet professional choreographers: Weichia Su and Huaite Huang, what would it be when these young dancers present the works with their green and half-comprehended dancing skills? This time Pure White Dance Lab invites Weichia Su and Huaite Huang to be choreographers, work with young dancers and bring two works: “Free Steps 3x2” and “Corporeality” to Want to Dance Festival.

Pure White Dance Lab


Ice Age - Experiment I

Chung An was inspired by the recently global anxiety, fear and many social issues happened by the covid outbreak. The choreographer will use the occurrence and evolution of the Ice Age to metaphor all beings in the force of drastic environmental changes. People lose control because of fear, and the entire social system becomes vulnerable. The needs and voices of people in the middle and lower strata under the social structure of different classes are even more disregarded in the situation.
Between destruction and rebirth, there’s full of unknowns and fears. The meaning and value of life deserve our deep consideration and rethink.
This short piece would be the part of the whole choreography.

Resident Island Dance Theatre



Every life is an unique exist. Every life is meaningful in its own way. Life is a journey about exploring oneself and finding who you truly are. Is recognizing one’s own destiny equals to accepting the unpleasant situation in one’s life? There are ups and downs along with persecution and pain in life. When it comes to recognizing one’s own destiny, it is more like truly being in the deep down in one’s mind and knowing who you really are rather than suppress one’s will. ‘Joyland’ is inspired by thoughts of women. Discussing thoughts of traditional woman inclined to suppress oneself and tries to analyze those thoughts through the sights of contemporary woman.




The body is covered by a membrane that filters substances and messages. I silently stroke the octopus' slippery skin and gently suck the orange-red juice of papaya. Does the neural network under the skin really feel the touch, color and smell of the space?

Yunchen Chang and Creators


Not Even Sure

Find the way and continue to get lost.

Wang Ssu-Han、Zeng Zi-Ying



I think it’s a relation ,not a story.
“Perceive” is the name by watching, understanding, chatting, discussing, recording, practicing and thinking over.
Relationships are found because something is perceived.

Frolic in the city / Yang,Sheng-Po



I remember the spring afternoon when I met them.
The boy molars when she falls asleep. The girl snores when he holds her in his arms.
Laughters, tears, hugs, pushes, and all the moments between them.

Chang and Yen


The Passing

At the intersection, everything comes and goes; while the time carries the past and keeps walking toward the future, things bump into each other, like the moment we meet. Let’s breathe together for a while here, and then we pass, go through the arcade into our own future.

Chih-Chia Huang


This time of day

Every day at this time, I wonder if growing up is a necessary fester.

Chen ssu hua


the other

She and her are simple and complicated.
Another world , another self.

Chen Yi-Ju


Apt.216 × Casual Casual Casualty

“Apt.216”,I see the apartment as a metaphor of the sheltered container, the one that keeps people safe, but at the same time away from the world; and the people are representing the factors that are unacceptable to this society or even to themselves.
The duet-“Casual Casual Casualty”, is one of the distinct storylines happened in the no.216 apartment.

Yu Hsuan Hsu



Welcome to Cyborg club.
Please remember to take out your phone.
And enjoy your party !!!!



Double Soul

Different faces but with synchronized heartbeat Different emotions but with the same set of cell No one should vanish No one should exist Confusions are linked together layer by layer Listen to the throb of your heart Point and line connected Overlapped together.

Chen Kai-Ling


From nothing to nothing

"From nothing to nothing" symbolizes we have never owned anything. To be born in the dust, to be in the dust, is to be born of nothing, to be in nothing.

Light Dance Company



In love, I only know the pain after love, let go of the hurt, I once thought that the beauty is good, and then only the broken heart is left, but each experience is a trace of growth, that youthful memory, Belongs to the most beautiful "Imprint" of everyone.

nanomanufacturing process



The word “Jungle” has the meaning of messy objects. Using this concept, we can find the connection between objects and the environment in the messy information, and continue to explore the unknown, just like jungle exploration.

Huang Bo-Jia



The ways we live got us unique, I see them as invisible symbols which belong with us and have been put in people’s minds, we’ve never known them before though.



Order a song for you

Feeling the current state intuitively, the current choice will be the best explanation.
This is more likely why we want to use the song to engage the audience.

Wei , Dun & Chun



From the perspective of women, casting aside the "stereotype" impression and exploring how the role of "female" stands in this world are always our road ahead.

Lu Shao Ko



A Improvision Perform

Bourrée studio


The Resistance of the Weak Body

The body still has the spirit of resistance in the weak gasping. Because of the collision of self-worth and self, it still emits strong vitality.



We are in the trapezoid

We are born under the class. it is a support or a carry on the back? Or climb upwards?

Hsueh You-Kai



Body is forced to flow between space and time.
In the state of being continued, could the body and other substances produce harmonious law?

Ju-chen Chi


Deconstructing the Physical Discourse of Circus Performers - No.1: In Cooperation with Choreographers

New and prominent dance artist Chang, Ko-Yang is invited to join this ongoing project. Based on our two different creative methods, we look to examine and understand the traits of our bodies by using the same physical expressions and external qualities such as physical performing forms, movements, and atmosphere.

Yang Shih Hao


Dynamic Specimen

Time, remaining accumulation, and into a "shape." In the torrential time, humans become a tiny speck of dust. The ancient past of each creature has become what it looks like. Ever-changing; life and universe are evolving endlessly. Past, present, Future.



Giant Blue

Giant Blue is an imaginary creature which is similar to a worm.In daily life,Giant Blue makes some choices in the space where seems safe or unsafe. Maybe it’s a ridiculous existence. When it got laziness and depression, it started to get rid of the skin.And how the viewers could do? How to find the best coordination of blue.



In Retrospect

The performance is brought by 7 Amateur performers age from 30 to 70plus, and in the form of physical theatre along with live music. In this piece, we share our perspective of life together and transform the stories into dance.

i-Move Dance Theatre X On Stage Performing Arts Studio


Love Languages

Parents , friends , lovers , and ourself. When we at different ages and facing the different people , we absolutely will using totally different way to express our love , thus we can always find a new self in a relationship, in the eyes of each other, and between the pull of ourselves.

Lucy Lu



What is the girl thinking and recollecting?
Everything is Beyond words.

Empty Space



There is no sound without social meaning. Continuous exposure to too much voices from the society weakens our beliefs, values, even our lives. Is it possible to hide from the cruel world?

Life Holds No More



There are many types of records, small personal record weight, diet and record income and expenditure records, great records or to contest the world record. “History” is a series of characters, but like A process according to sometimes search for a breakthrough, waiting for that highlight new ideas in the constancy, and sometimes behind the record of the presence of the majority of incidents, I was also a record the record.

Jean Wang


The Carnation Trilogy:Scenes from Marriages

In the past, getting divorced is usually considered as failure of women; nowadays, people still don’t get the chance to hear the voice of these mothers often enough. This program features the unnoticed realities from marriages and divorces, combining documentary, multidisciplinary performance and amateur performers.

Antinomy Company


The here and now

“WE”, can be performers, audience, or stage property, even a kind of quality, or a part of space. “WE”, can be ANYTHING that we want to be currently.
We look forward to all possibilities to happen without expecting, and “WE” will always be with you.

Ching-Yi, Hsing



Someone has asked Yang Kui that what type of person is more beautiful? He said, work.
I always agree that.
Kaboasoa Theatre runs into Yang Kui's daliy life.
Wake up at 3 am.
Deliver newspaper.

Kaboasoa Theatre of TNNUA


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