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50 mins


Tanbu Cultural Park Warehouse A

2024/04/20 17:00

Tell us about the future

-- 史斯坦尼斯瓦夫·萊姆 《索拉里斯星》

該作品的靈感來自史斯坦尼斯瓦夫·萊姆(Stanislaw Lem)的小說《索拉里斯星》(Solaris),關於未來的故事。主角被送往外星球,孤身面對自己的記憶、恐懼和創傷。他站在一個能夠具象化幻想的海洋前,他必須決定是抵抗或投降。在科技試圖操縱人類思想的時代,萊姆對人類存在的宏偉隱喻變得更加重要。透過使用動作和舞蹈作為主要溝通方式,增強了講述故事的豐富性和深度,賦予其更深的意義。一切演出在已經融入我們生活的電影技術、多媒體元素的背景下完成。

"Man sets out to explore other worlds, other civilizations, without fully delving into his own nooks and crannies—blind roads, wells, barricaded, dark doors."

Stanislaw Lem, "SOLARIS"

The show, inspired by Stanislaw Lem's novel Solaris, tells us about the future. It narrates the story of a protagonist sent to an alien planet, where he confronts his memories, fears, and traumas alone. Positioned in front of an ocean that materializes his visions, he must decide how much resistance or surrender he desires. Lem's magnificent metaphor for human existence becomes even more relevant today, in an era where technologies attempt to manipulate human minds. The performance gains additional value through the use of movement and dance as primary means of communication, lending the story a deeper meaning. All of this unfolds within a backdrop of film realizations that have long been integrated into our lives. Is this the future or is it already the present? Does it truly have to transpire on an alien planet?

Zawirowania Dance Theatre

Zawirowania舞團於 2004 年在波蘭成立。其致力於創作當代舞講述故事的作品。Zawirowania的創始人,舞者Elwira Piorun和導演Włodzimierz Kaczkowski決定運用當代舞來建構敘事演出。透過獨舞、雙人舞和群舞等多種舞台配置,Zawirowania將觀眾帶入詩意的世界。該團的獨特特點在於身體的可塑性。他們的表演既保留了專業和抒情性,又保留了真實的舞蹈表現。Zawirowania經常參與國際演出,包括在克里特島、匈牙利、捷克、德國、西班牙、烏克蘭、斯洛伐克、以色列和韓國等地。自2005年以來,該團每年六月舉辦Zawirowania舞蹈節。該藝術節匯集了來自世界各地的舞蹈團體。

Zawirowania Dance Theatre was established in 2004 in Poland. The company primarily creates original performances that aim to tell a story through contemporary dance techniques. The founders of Zawirowania, dancer Elwira Piorun and director Włodzimierz Kaczkowski, decided to apply contemporary dance techniques to construct narrative performances. Zawirowania, through various stage configurations such as solo, duo, and group performances, draws viewers into a world of poetic imagery. The distinctive feature of the company lies in the plasticity of the body. Their performances are characterized by a genuine expression of dance, remaining both professional and evocative simultaneously. Zawirowania frequently performs internationally, including in Crete, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Ukraine, Slovakia, Israel, and Korea. Since 2005, the theatre has been organizing the Zawirowania Dance Theatres Festival annually, held each June. This event brings together dance theatres from around the world.


編舞: Elwira Piorun
劇本: Włodzimierz Kaczkowski
舞者暨創作: Michał Góral, Anna Banasik
視覺設計: Julia Ruszczyńska
攝影: Piotr Szymanski
動畫: Dominika Struzik

Choreography: Elwira Piorun
Script: Włodzimierz Kaczkowski
Dance and creation: Michał Góral, Anna Banasik
Visual design: Julia Ruszczyńska
Photographs: Piotr Szymanski
Animation: Dominika Struzik

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