We are not human at all.

【團隊或藝術家 Name of Artist/ Company 】

莊博翔 Chuang, Po-Hsiang

【節目介紹 Introduction of Project】





最後省思人本身與萬物的不同,或許是因為「人」擁有著體溫,在與事物接觸後,有時能感受到物體的餘溫;而人有著科學無法解釋的微妙行為,例如: 感受皮膚的觸碰、享受音樂,體會春夏秋冬的不同,學會欣賞風景、懂得欣賞他人等等。


When we detach ourselves with the physical human body and reflect upon what is “human”?
This piece explores three difference points of view with three sections. 

Using the “Rat King” phenomenon, the idea that the tails of a group of rats could become conjoined. As rats - like humans- produce sebum, or oil, to protect and hydrate the surface of the skin, the oily tails of a dozen or so rats could form a sticky substance and bind the rats together. 
Using this imagery to reflect the nature of human being group animals or we group together so as to avoid the suffering of loneliness.  

Be it humans or animals, species tend to group together to become stronger. Using the majority to win over the minority. 
However, from the minority point of view, if the minority uses the empathy of the majority and obtain their weaknesses, then in this case, who is the dominant one? 

Lastly, reflecting upon the humans being different from other species maybe because humans have the ability to emote with others; and as human beings, some things are unexplainable by science. For example, the sense of touch, enjoyment of music, noticing the difference between four seasons, sightseeing, admiring others, etc. 

Enjoy temperature.

【製作群/演出人員 Production Team/ Crew】

製作人與編舞者: 莊博翔

獨舞編舞: 賴耘琪

舞者: 莊博翔、陳薇伊、王鈞弘、賴耘琪、蔡佩如、廖健堯、王官穎、許紹欣、許育瑄

攝影: 呂紹鵬、洪聖喬

Producer and Choreographer: Chuang Po-Hsiang

Solo Choreographer: Lai Yun-Chi

Performer: Chuang Po-Hsiang, Chen Wei-Yi, Wang Chun-Hung, Lai Yun-Chi, Tsai Pei- Ju, Liao Chien-Yao,

Performer: Ong Kuan-Ying, Hoi Siu-Ya, Hsu Yu-Hsuan

Photographer: Lu Shao-Peng, Hong Sheng-Qiao


Chuang Po-Hsiang

目前就讀國立臺北藝術大學 舞蹈研究所碩士班創作組二年級
2015 舞躍大地創作比賽 作品<Doger> 榮獲優選
2016 舞躍大地創作比賽 作品<微氧> 榮獲優選
2018 舞躍大地創作比賽 作品 <跤啊> 榮獲優選

Chuang Po-Hsiang
Graduated from from National Taiwan University of Arts. 
Studying at Taipei National University of the Arts Graduate Institute of Dance Choreography M.F.A Program.

Award Reward:
2015舞躍大地創作比賽⟪Doger⟫-Honorable Mention
2016舞躍大地創作比賽⟪微氧⟫-Honorable Mention
2018舞躍大地創作比賽⟪跤啊⟫-Honorable Mention

演出時間 Show Time

演出長度 Duration:30-40 Mins

4/27(六) 18:30

C 糖廍文化園區A倉

C Sugar Refinery Cultural Park Warehouse A

4/28(日) 17:30

C 糖廍文化園區A倉

C Sugar Refinery Cultural Park Warehouse A