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Contemporary, Butoh

photo by Yellow


我妻惠美子 / AGAXART

日日是好日 SOLO

A Perfect Day SOLO

★ 首演 Premiere

【我們在出生之後,會忘記過去的一切嗎? 】






There are 2 Eves, and death gods in this story. They will re-born and they don't know who they were.

Movements that come from unconsciousness are the key to know what we experienced before we were born and how we survive in this tough situation. Imagination connects beyond time and space, then tells us something we forgot but important.

This performance is based on Japanese Butoh and Taiwanese theater. Based on the story of the lesbian couple in ”潮來之音”, Emiko imagines them in Butoh world.

1999年加入大駱駝艦, 2015年獲得第46屆日本舞蹈評論家協會獎新人獎。2018年起受邀到台北曉劇場擔任舞踏指導。2020年獲選為台北藝術村駐村藝術家,並於寶藏巖國際藝術村演出《未來之寺》。2020年成為獨立舞者暨編舞家並成立AGAXART,擔任藝術總監。

Emiko Agatsuma is an award-winningprofessional Butoh dancer, choreographer and artistic director of AGAXART inJapan.

Emiko keeps producing innovative Butoh performances based on her Butohmethod and esthetics. In 2014, she performed and directed “Niku-no-uta” atKochuten theatre in Tokyo, this performance was invited from Japan Culturecenter in Paris, France in 2015. In addition, she got an award from JapanDance Critics Association as the Best Young Artist. Since 2018, she has beeninvited to the Shinehouse Theatre in Taipei, Taiwan as a Butoh danceinstructor. In 2020, she was selected as a residency artist of Taipei ArtistVillage and performed “Future Temple”. Furthermore, she was invited from the39th annual Battery Dance Festival in New York City, USA as a representative ofAsia.
In 2021, AGAXART started the Japan Taiwan cultural exchange project “a perfect day”, and creates possibilitiesand pleasures of new forms of stage expression in today's divided society.


Director, Choreographer and Dancer:AGATSUMA Emiko

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photo by Uncle Photography

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