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Yi-Wei Keng


Now is the dramaturg of National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts-Weiwuying, visiting assistant professor of theatre arts at National Taipei University of Arts, and the curator of Tainan Arts Festival. Yi-Wei was the artistic director of Taipei Arts Festival (2012-17) and the curator of Taoyuan Iron Rose Festival(2018-2022). He was awarded the Freundschaftsmedaille and Chevalier dans l’ordre des Arts et des Lettres.




Chung Po-Yuan


Chung Po-Yuan graduated from the Department of Drama of National Taipei University of the Arts, majoring in directing. He established Shinehouse Theatre in 2006. His works focus on human nature and contemporary social issues, accumulating a repertoire of more than 30 productions to date and has published script collections of "Armageddon" and "Underground Women." He has been invited to Thailand Bangkok Theater Festival, Shanghai International Contemporary Theater Festival, Taipei Art Festival, Tokyo Art Festival. The Producer of the 10th anniversary of the 2020 New Choreographer project (Meimage Dance), and the principal of 2023 Taiwan Creative Dance Competition. He is currently the curator of Want to Dance Festival, and the artist director of Wan Theater. 

國際事務顧問 張欣怡 Hsin-Yi CHANGs credit by Ars Association.jpg

攝影 / 藝術報國


張欣怡|AxE Arts Europa



2017-2021年於衛武營國家藝術文化中心服務,擔任國際事務組長,專司機構策略合作、舞蹈與馬戲節目規劃、國內外駐地藝術家交流培育等,並策劃臺灣舞蹈平台和衛武營馬戲平台。旅德八年間,曾創立AxE Arts Management與臺灣駐外文化事務單位及團隊合作,推動臺灣表演藝術品牌之能見度,如英國愛丁堡藝穗節臺灣季、法國外亞維農藝術節、歐洲文化之都等多個藝術節及知名場館。

Based in Luxembourg, Gwen Hsin-Yi Chang is a Taiwanese producer for creative projects and has worked extensively as curator in the performing arts sector and adviser for intercultural communication throughout Europe, Asia, and Taiwan over the last twenty years. She is the advisor for Shinehouse Theatre, Want To Dance Festival and collaborates with Tjimur Dance Theatre for strategic projects and programming at Tjimur Arts Festival, also with James Batchelor and Collaborators for international developments. Her main focus is on fostering cultural exchange between Asia, Europe and beyond, supporting emerging talents to realise their projects by producing, curating, analysing the market and providing valuable advice. Her indisputable strong points are a thorough knowledge of the sector, the ability to bring together the right people, talents and minds and to inspire them for joint projects, her extensive experience in fostering intercultural collaboration, as well as her language skills including interpreting between English, French, German and her native languages. Gwen is Aerowaves Exchange Partner with Taiwan, steering committee member of Circus Asia Network (CAN) and also the international guest curator of 2022 Tanzkongress -Sharing Potentials.

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