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Physical Theatre

Photos by Dusa Gabor and Caroly Ksorba

Fabiola Guillén

Fabiola Guillén


She was a big success (v.3)

《曾經她功成名就(第三版)》為一介於肢體戲劇與現代舞之間的單人演出,由演出者自行編舞。此為一系列演出的第三個版本,曾先後於美國德州及布達佩斯演出。作品直指墨西哥的女性物化與男性凝視問題,以挑戰當地對於性暴力與針對女性之暴力行為的觀感。編舞者融合刻板的女性肢體符號與其他怪誕姿態,藉此探索墨西哥文化中的身體意識,以及其中女性所經歷的性欲與感官制約。正如美國女性主義者 Marion Iris Young 所言:「當女性將她的身體,自由、主動且外展的敞開時,她亦在歡迎對其的物化。」

❉ 作品包含部分裸露

“She was a big success (v.3)” is a self-choreographed solo situated in the border between physical theater and contemporary dance. It is the third version of a series of performances that have been presented in El Paso and San Antonio, Texas, USA, and Budapest, Hungary. The work aims to challenge the male gaze and women’s objectification in Mexico, where victims of rape and femicide are blamed for those tragedies. The choreographer utilizes stereotyped feminine movements combined with grotesque poses to explore body agency in the Mexican context where women are deprived from their own sexual and sensual freedom. Taking Marion Iris Young words: “To open her body in free, active, open extension and bold outward-directedness is for a woman to invite objectification”.

Fabiola Guillen is a Mexican contemporary dance maker, performer, and dance educator pursuing a MA in Cultural and Creative Industries at Taipei National University of the Arts. She holds a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, and a Bachelor of Dance with Honors. In 2018, she worked as a performer with Xavier Le Roy and Scarlet Yu for the exhibition 'Retrospective' at Fundación Jumex Arte Contemporáneo in Mexico City. As an independent, emerging choreographer, her work has been presented internationally in Mexico, the USA, Canada, Hungary, and India. She focuses on autobiography, minimalism, gender, borders, walls, among others.

Choreographer and performer: Fabiola Guillen
Creative collaborator: Cecilia Duran

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Photo by Caroly Ksorba

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