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Physical Theatre

CHĒNG BÚ CHI̍P (Satsangdance)




★ 首演 Premiere



A footbridge is a symbol of passing by. However, this footbridge near Huajiang Community makes passersby also want to stay and appreciate the view. Wanhua has been developed earlier than other place in Taiwan. There must be abundant stories happen every day in this footbridge. The relationship between friends, families, or strangers stimulates interesting and colorful dance. Sometimes people connect, sometimes struggle, fight, or love. Therefore, we want to dance for the ordinary life, dance the smell of traditional markets, the beautiful but sorrowful image of Wanhua women, as well as for homeless vagabonds.

The footbridge full of memory has once faced the destiny of being dismantled, like many other cultural assets. Fortunately, the inhabitants gathered on the footbridge to speak out their quest for protection. However, nowadays many young people leave the community to seek for better working opportunity, leaving the elderly alone. How to express the feeling of aging and solitude become parts of the topics we are experimenting to dance.


CHĒNG BÚ CHI̍P(SatsangDance) was founded in 2015. We strive for combination of native Taiwanese Culture, expecting to transmit the muti-cultural Taiwanese spirit through dance language.


Choreographer: Tân Îng-an
Dancer: Chen Ying-hau, Chiu-Yi-Ching, Tân Îng-an

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