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塩谷智司/舞踏我劇場 AGAXART

Tomoshi Shioya/AGAXART

Photo by Nobu Takahashi

誰そ彼 Who is he? Twilight zone


In Japan, we call sunset time 黄昏、誰そ彼 it means "Who is he?" because it is hard to see faces clearly and we feel some unusual atmosphere. Ghost stories often start at this moment. How do we communicate with the dead? In the Japanese Bon season, fire is used to welcome the souls of the dead from the afterlife and to send them off. We use incense when visiting ancestor's graves. Fire and smoke help us to connect with these invisible souls. The motif of this work is based on this culture. Butoh body dances between the afterlife and this world like fire and smoke. What does the dead tell us in this limited period? What do we want to hear from them?

創作者|About Artists


塩谷智司是日本屢獲殊榮的舞蹈家,從事舞踏演出,其生涯從加入大駱駝艦開始。舞踏興起於1960年代的日本,作為對西方輸入的現代舞蹈的回應,舞踏表演專注的是受農村文化和潛意識影響的身體與心靈。塩谷智司在大駱駝艦師從麿赤兒,並在該團演出超過20年。2009年,他憑藉作品《Father Wall》獲得舞評協會年度新人獎。離開大駱駝艦後加入由總監我妻恵美子帶領的舞踏製作團隊AGAXART。AGAXART以探索身體、心靈和靈魂之間的互動為目標,和接受自己和尊重他人。近期作品有:線上演出《日日是好日 日本版 A Perfect day from Japan》和2022年的現場演出《HOKUSAI MANGA BUTOH》。

Tomoshi Shioya is an award-winning Butoh dancer in Japan who started his career in Butoh as a member of the Dairakudakan company. Butoh was born in Japan in the 1960s. As the reaction against the imported modern dance, Butoh dancers focused on their body and mind influenced by rural culture and our unconsciousness. He studied under Akaji Maro and performed in all their works for over 20 years. In 2009, he won the Dance Critics Association Award for Newcomer of the Year for his performance and direction of "Father Wall." After leaving Dairakudakan, he joined AGAXART, which is the Butoh production team headed by Emiko Agatsuma. AGAXART's mission is to explore the interaction among body, mind and soul, that is important to accept ourselves and respect others. His recent works include the online performance "日日是好日 日本版 A Perfect day from Japan" and the live performance "HOKUSAI MANGA BUTOH" in 2022.

Photo by Artist Company


導演 : 我妻恵美子
舞者: 塩谷智司、我妻恵美子、宮本正也、謝承瑜、陳顥仁

Director|Emiko Agatsuma
Butoh dancer|Tomoshi Shioya, Emiko Agatsuma, Seiya Miyamoto, Cheng Yu Hsieh, Heron Chen



Bopiliao Historic Block No.167-169-172

2023/4/22 16:00


Huajiang House Overpass

2023/4/21 18:30

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