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黃煚哲(Huang Jyong Jhe)


Winter harbor


Is paradise a permanent existence? Or is danger hidden secretly in it?
The non-stopping environmental development, the transformation of fish-farming and even the green energy which has been actively promoted by governments seem to become a road leading us to paradise of eternity. However, is the artificial paradise we built still welcoming every passerby with warmth?
Whether renewable energy can lead us to a co-prosperity with ecology has always been one of the biggest issue in this generation.
Is paradise only a place where we can be in the afterlife? Or is it a built prison ?
This piece will demonstrate how an aboriginal youngster reflects on the collisions of tribal cultures and self-identification by body movements. In this piece, not only does he tell the story of how he experienced the loss of cultural recognition and self-identity, he also shows how he search for the path to the heaven and eventually, finds himself and his cultural root.

創作者|About Artists


出生台東縣延平鄉布農族,目前就讀台北藝術大學舞蹈學系碩士班。從小受部落長輩們古謠的薰陶下,自然對於文化有一絲情懷, 也萌生對於演出創作的憧憬。2019 畢業於台南應用科技大學舞蹈系,在校期間參予無數演出與創作發表,2014 隨台東布農部落至澳 洲墨爾本演出,2015受邀赴美國加入Youth BALLET PRESENTS – Coppelia,同年榮獲原住民族行政院圓夢計畫,獲得獎學金參與國際 兒童舞蹈聯盟 daCi 在丹麥哥本哈根年會與演出,並從2016 至2019 年開始加入福爾摩沙芭蕾舞團擔任舞者,並從2019 至2022年擔任台江文化中心「孤島計畫」編舞家。2018入圍 Pulima 藝術節表演創作《Uncinian》,2020榮獲 Pulima 表演創作優選-作品《Padan找尋布農族當代肢體現象》。在創作風格上較多元與無框架的創作手法,更是透過創作在思考文化、當代、應用的三種編織手法。

WEI YAO-CHIU was born in Yanping Township, Taitung County, as a Bunun, which is one of the indigenous tribes in Taiwan. He is currently studying the master degree of dance in Taipei University of Arts.
he original motive of his performing pieces all come from the ancient ballads sung by the tribal elders and the cultural inheritance they've left.
He actively engaged in various arts and literature related activities at home and abroad after he graduated from the Department of Dance, Tainan University of Technology, in 2019.
In 2014, he performed in Melbourne, Australia as a part of the Bunun tribe in Taitung. In 2015, they were also invited to join Youth BALLET PRESENTS - Coppelia.
At the same year, they were awarded scholarships from a program set by Indigenous Peoples Department. With the scholarships, they were able to travel to Kopenhagen, Denmark to join an international dance communities known as "daCi," which stands for dance and the Child international.
From 2016 to 2019, he has been a dancer in Formosa Ballet. From 2019 to 2022, he has been the choreographer of "Isolated Island Program" in Taikang Cultual Center.
In 2018, the piece "Uncinian," created by him, was nominated in the Pulima Performing Arts Festival. In 2020, he recieved the Merit Award in Pulima Festival by the piece "Padan looks for the contemporary phenomenon of the Bunun Body".
The creating style of this piece is more various and not limited by the rules. Through this creation, Chiu strives to find the balance between cultures, contemporary and applications.


音樂:蒙古傳統喉音 泛音唱法 (呼麥)人聲放空
作者:Miroslav Mirco Grosser
專輯:Sounds of Light - Overtone Singing Solo

Choreographer/Dancer :WEI YAO-CHIU



Black Box of Shinehouse Theatre

2023/4/21 18:30


Longshan Culture & Creative Base Exhibition Hall

2023/4/23 16:00

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