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József TREFELI / József Trefeli Company

Photo by Gregory Batardon

JINX 103


為什麼叫做 JINX 103?在許多語言中,當兩個人不小心同時說出同樣的話時,必須迅速說出一個詞以避免厄運:法語中說“chips”,英語中說“jinx”,匈牙利語中則說“103”。
József Trefeli 舞團作品 JINX 103在創作和巡迴演出獲得了以下機構的支持:日內瓦市文化和體育部、日內瓦州公共教育部, Corodis, La Loterie Romande, Prohelvetia Suisse, Johannesburg et Egypte, La Ville de Carouge, RESO Suisse & Fête de la Danse, Genève

A dynamic duo between two male dancers who mix up rhythms and rituals with contemporary dance and body percussion to create a musical dance delight.
Jozsef Trefeli and Gabor Varga take a dance performance to a public space, exploring together the rhythms and rituals of life in a high energy, captivating performance.
This meeting of two male dancers connected by being from the Hungarian Diaspora, one born in Australia and the other in the USSR, brings them shoulder to shoulder as they delve into their common heritage. They come together in dance, the art form they share, even though it was learnt on opposite sides of the globe.
Through their common vocabulary of vibrant body percussion where even the most basic rhythms are extremely complex, with clapping and slapping, clicking and stamping, they create a breathtakingly energetic dance of lightning fast footwork, leg twisting and weaving, high kicks and turning jumps.
Why JINX 103? In many languages when two people accidentally say the same thing simultaneously, there is a word that must be quickly said to ward off bad luck: the French say “chips”, the English say “jinx” and the Hungarians say “103”.
Compagnie József Trefeli has received assistance for the creation and touring of JINX 103 from : DC Département de la Culture et du Sport de la Ville de Genève, DIP Département de l'Instruction Publique de l'Etat de Genève, Corodis, La Loterie Romande, Prohelvetia Suisse, Johannesburg et Egypte, La Ville de Carouge, RESO Suisse & Fête de la Danse, Genève.

創作者|About Artists


迄今為止,已創作並在世界各地巡迴演出了20多部舞蹈作品。值得一提的是,與Gabor Varga合作的作品《JINX 103》已在33個國家的112個城市進行了超過200場演出。此外,他們合作編舞的作品《Creature》於2017年獲得瑞士舞蹈獎(Swiss Dance Award) 的Current Dance Work 類獎。該劇團的作品曾在非洲、亞洲、澳大利亞、南美洲、中美洲和北美、歐洲、俄羅斯和瑞士巡迴演出。目前可巡迴演出的作品包括《JINX 103》、《Creature》和《Genetrix》。

The József Trefeli Company was founded in 2005 in Geneva. The Company defends choreographic research and collaboration between choreographers of different cultures to promote real cultural exchange.
More than 20 choreographic works have been created to date and toured the world. Noteworthy is the choreography created in collaboration with Gabor Varga, JINX 103 has been performed more than 200 times in 112 cities of 33 countries. Also, together they choreographed Creature which received a Swiss Dance Award in the category of Current Dance Works in 2017. The work of the Company has toured in Africa, Asia, Australia, South, Central and North America, Europe, Russia and Switzerland. Currently available for touring are JINX 103, Creature and Genetrix.

Photo by Gregory Batardon


編舞: József Trefeli, Gábor Varga
舞者: József Trefeli, Gábor Varga ou Gyula Cserepes
音樂設計: Fred Jarabo
行政團隊: Laure Chapel, Paquis Production


Choreography : József Trefeli, Gábor Varga
Dance : József Trefeli, Gábor Varga ou Gyula Cserepes
Music : Fred Jarabo
Administration : Laure Chapel, Paquis Production

supported by Pro Helvetia, Swiss Arts Council



U mkt Lobby

2023/4/22 16:00


Huajiang House Overpass

2023/4/21 19:20

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