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YU Min-Ting



Pathway to Heaven Road


From a fragment of 《Based on the True Events that Would Happen》, setting up limitations for myself and seeing how I could move. It needs to go back and forth on the road in order to move forward, band my body and perform the pickup action repeatedly. Spreading out the orthopedic mats (Taiwanese would call it “Healthy Path” or “Road to the Heaven“), with two different metaphors. The Health Path appears in public areas often, my experience as a kid was passing through the path means healthy. The soreness and pain throughout the process, very much like the sense I experienced from the journey of creation. Resisting myself mentally while wishing that could be shown in my walk at the same time. It is an experience that I could use this performance to review myself every year.

創作者|About Artists


高雄鳳山人,舞蹈人,現為表演藝術工作者。透過尋找身體的「動詞」,來創造體感和過去的身體經驗連結,延伸舞蹈和自我的邊界。在2022 TIFA【2057:給35年後的活存演習】創作及演出《根據極有可能發生的真實事件》;余余劇場編舞場平台【感覺速度】創作及演出《Andante》;政大藝文中心【抵達終點之前】臨場藝術召集令,與酸屋合作。2021三十舞蹈沙龍,創作及演出《看不見的日常》;2020衛武營馬戲平台駐地藝術家。

A dancer from Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, work in the field of performing arts now. By searching for an “action”for the body, to create sensation with linkage to the past experience of the body, thus to expand the boundary of dance and myself.2022 TIFA’s 【2057:Rehearsing Ways of Living】 create and perform《Based on the True Events that Would Happened》/NCCU ART CENTER 【Before reaching】-Calling for Live Art, cooperated with Acid House/YU YU Dance Theater, choreography and perform《Andante》2021 Sun-Shier Dance Exhibition---Choreography and perform《Unseen Normal》2020 Resident Artist of WeiWuYing Circus Platform.



Choreographer/Performer:YU Min-Ting
Dramaturgy:LEE Wen-Hao
Photographer:CHEN Yi-Jei



Tanbu Cultural Park Warehouse A

2023/4/22 15:15


Huajiang House Overpass

2023/4/23 14:30

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