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Fabiola Guillén

Not So Lucky Town

太陽、火焰、蜂蜜、黃水晶、黃金、日落、西瓜、海星、鳳梨、番茄、魷魚、香蕉皮、蛋黃、血液。我飛行了1476公里只為找尋已經逝去氣息的她。如今,我在每樣黃色的東西中都能發現她的蹤影。請老實告訴我,那些紅色的旗子在哪裡? 這是又一件關於單戀的作品,不過這次我分不出顏色。

Sun. Fire. Honey. Citrine. Gold. Sunset. Watermelon. Starfish. Pineapple. Tomato. Squid. Banana peel. Egg yolk. Blood. I flew 1476 kilometers just to find her breathless. Now I find her in everything yellow. Tell me the truth, where were the red flags? This is just another piece about unrequited love. But colorblind.

創作者|About Artists


Fabiola Guillen是墨西哥當代舞編舞家、表演者和舞蹈教育家,目前在台北藝術大學文創產業國際藝術碩士學程攻讀學位。她擁有外科醫學士及舞蹈榮譽學士學位。2018年她曾與Xavier Le Roy和Scarlet Yu合作,為墨西哥城Jumex當代藝術基金會舉辦的展覽 'Retrospective' 。作為新晉編舞家,其作品已在墨西哥、美國、加拿大、匈牙利、印度和台灣等地演出,主要關注單人表演、自傳、極簡主義、性別、邊界等議題。

Fabiola Guillen is a Mexican contemporary dance maker, performer, and dance educator pursuing a MA in Cultural and Creative Industries at Taipei National University of the Arts. She holds a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, and a Bachelor of Dance with Honors. She worked as a performer with Xavier Le Roy and Scarlet Yu for the exhibition 'Retrospective' (2018) at Fundación Jumex Arte Contemporáneo in Mexico City. As an independent, emerging choreographer, her work has been presented internationally in Mexico, the USA, Canada, Hungary, India, and Taiwan. She focuses on solo performance, autobiography, minimalism, gender, borders, and walls.


編舞家暨舞者:Fabiola Guillén

Choreographer and performer: Fabiola Guillén



Banga Park

2023/4/22 16:00


U mkt Lobby

2023/4/23 15:05

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