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Clashes about consistency:inside and outside



同步裡的不一致,是一個尋求平衡的過程 (努力地表現一致,或是努力地脫離一致性的枷鎖) 與自己,與他人。 無論最終走向什麼選擇,Stand or sit,就只是個命名。

Continuing the production of the <Loneliness, my dear.> series of choreography <Double H.> in 2018, the narration ranges from self-exploration to a sense of contradiction to the social system.

From <Double H.>
With people or self, sometimes like a mirror. Face difference from deep inside, how to stand and recognition. Maybe you will hate it, maybe incurious, or just give help. H = human Is Ko-Yin Yen's choreography of the series "whisper to self", describing a person looking back to herself, how different? past and now, similar, same and not all, will you hug the past? Whether it was good or not.

To <Conformity in question>
Conformity. Compliance with standards, rules, or laws, then break.
The normality of man-made societies often requires consistent benchmarks.
However, in the consistency, whether the original human mind has begun to peel off, and then fall into another inconsistency and madness.

Inconsistency in synchronization is a process of seeking balance
(Strive to be consistent, or to break from the shackles of consistency)with yourself, with others.

No matter what choice you choose in the end, Stand or sit is just a named word.

創作者|About Artists


曾受邀 2016文化部東南亞交流計畫,與柬埔寨傳統舞者交流與編創演出; 首次售票的舞蹈創作,始於大學期間,於台北藝穗節籌辦<親愛的焦>; 2014年獲菁霖文化基金會獎學金,赴中國河南參與ADF; 於2015 國際青春編舞營,擔任青年編舞家。 2018 年推出聯合創作平台ArtistEyes,於<親愛的寂>,擔任召集人與編舞,發表作品< DOUBLE H.人人>,隔年發表介入式小品<華麗暗角>; 近年參與藝術家李奎壁作品<舒適小鎮>之動作指導與構作,並入選 2023 年桃園國際藝術獎。

As a choreographer, participated in the project of Li Kuei-pi "Clement Town “ that was selected for the 2023 Taoyuan International Art Award.

Published the choreography " Burdensomeness - behind elegance in 2019. Launched the joint creation platform ArtistEyes in 2018, served as the convener and choreographer in " Loneliness, my dear."

Had been invited to the 2016 DANCE IN ASEAN-Sart Kampuchea of the Ministry of Culture. Won the Chinglin Culture Award in 2014 Foundation scholarship, went to Hanan, China to participate in ADF; served as a young choreographer at the 2015 International Youth Choreography Camp.




Choreographer/Director:YEN Ko-yin
Dancer:Huang Ling-chun、Wu Jia-rong
Sound Composer:Wang Wen-hsin
Lighting Consultant:Hsieh Sen-ze, Chou Ya-wen



Bopiliao Historic Block No.129-132

2023/4/22 16:30


Bopiliao Historic Block No.167-169-175

2023/4/23 15:10

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