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木皮成/DE PAY’S MAN 舞團

Sei Kigawa / Dance Company DE PAY’S MAN

Giga | Super Critters | Giga

Giga Choju Giga源自日本最古老的漫畫《鳥獣戲畫》的故事,是狐狸、青蛙和兔子所表演的日常舞蹈。劇情大致為兔子在渡河時遭到猴子追逐,還與青蛙進行搏鬥。世界動盪不定,傳說故事中的動物當道,僧侶們藉此與他們的日常生活共處(《鳥獣戲畫》繪卷為京都高山寺代代相傳)。是一個非常華麗的舞作。

Giga Choju Giga is a daily dance performed by foxes, frogs, and rabbits, based on Japan's oldest cartoon, Choju Jinbutsu Giga. I will explain the synopsis. A rabbit crossing a river is chased by a monkey and wrestles with a frog. The world is raging, and legendary creatures swagger. The monks enjoyed their daily lives. It's a very fancy dance.

創作者|About Artists


舞團由木皮成 SEI KIGAWA成立於2016年,團名來自超現實主義術語Dépaysement(法語意為:置換、將人放進不同的生活環境)。
2020年開始,她持續與亞洲同代藝術家合作,目前已到過五個國家共同製作和演出,並參加在馬尼拉舉行的日本友好週與印尼國際舞蹈節 Indonesian International Dance Festival.

Established in 2016 by SEI KIGAWA.
The name of the organization is derived from the Surrealist expression Dépaysement (French: send to a foreign land).
Based on the theme of "the body of the new age," she sublimated metaphysics and science fiction into a performance structure and created dance works using her own notation. His works range from theater performances, video production, and VR spaces.
From 2020, we will start collaborating with artists of the same generation in Asia to continue to create. So far, he has hosted co-produced performances in five Asian countries. Participated in Japan Friendly Week in Manila and Indonesian International Dance Festival.


編舞家/導演:Sei Kigawa
舞者:Sei Kigawa、Nanami Kohge、Musashi Tanno
服裝設計:Hiroya Tuchida

Choreographer / Director:Sei Kigawa
Dancer:Sei Kigawa、Nanami Kohge、Musashi Tanno
Costume design:Hiroya Tuchida



Black Box of Shinehouse Theatre

2023/4/23 15:30


Tanbu Cultural Park Warehouse C South

2023/4/22 17:45

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