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D2, G5


SHEN, Chai Ju


Love, the law of attraction?





愛不分遠近,可以嗎? 就是現在

Asha in her book Love is the Only Law of Attraction gracefully describes that “all encounters come with the greatest blessing.”

Employing the Qiji Daoyin, ballet and the Geo-Choreo improvisational tool, you and I explore urban settings and visceral dynamics.

From the moving and the movements within, we engage in, encounter with and emerge among various manifestations of love.

Will this love be the law of attraction?

Together in the temporal, spatial and perhaps mental proximity, we may locate potential answers step by step.

創作者|About Artists

沈家如英國羅伊漢普頓大學(Roehampton University)表演藝術學系博士。研究領域為城市、身體與身分認同的關係。期望透過舞蹈,體現人人皆有之全然專注的寧靜。嘗試以身體運動創造舞者和觀者間訊息與正向反應雙向流通的歷程。當雙方因此相融時,觀者與舞者界線模糊,而有了極度專注的轉瞬時空。藉此兩者皆能忘卻他人的注視和評論,單純感受自己的身心寰宇,繼而獲得能量與療癒。

2018年開始《Body, City & Identity-Movement Cultivation in Everydayness》十年計畫。2019年《Co(rporeal)vid(eo)19-100》極短隱私窺探錄像100天計畫。2020年《(Un)healthy Deadlines 50》博士身心初探小品50天。2021年《14天變奏 Fourteen Variations》疫情封城觀察短筆記。影像作品《無題,20190416 (Untitled, 20190416)》入選倫敦Open Art 2019展覽。


Dr Chai Ju Shen's primary objectives have been to investigate and manifest the organic dynamics between city, body and identity. She aims to help people to enjoy mental and spiritual serenity through dance and dancing. By creating a two-way channel where the dancer and the beholder are receiving and giving in any possible form of message, she expects to encourage the fusion between the two ends, blurring the duality of the roles, and then temporal-spatial mindfulness is present. Both the performer and the audience will feel the spiritual reign by themselves and are healing, healed and energetically radiant.

In 2018, Chai Ju has begun 《Body, City & Identity-Movement Cultivation in Everydayness》a ten-year Geo-Choreo project. 《Co(rporeal)vid(eo)19-100》a 100-day recording by peeking was completed in 2019. In 2020 she conducted 《(Un)healthy Deadlines 50》to experimentally observe the transformational and trivial changes in a body-mind of a doctoral student in the writing-up stage. She initiated a consecutive recording 《Fourteen Variations》in 2021 to document her body in a specific urban place. Her video work 《無題,20190416 (Untitled, 20190416)》was selected by the Open Art 2019 Exhibition.



Choreographer/Dancer:SHEN, Chai-Ju



Black Box of Shinehouse Theatre

2023/4/22 19:00


Tanbu Cultural Park Warehouse C North

2023/4/23 16:30

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