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Who saw the sadness?

作品以特技舞蹈以及Tricking Flow 作為作品肢體語彙的發展方向,作品中舞者舞動的過程中與機器智能球結合,再智能球製造出的軌跡中找尋動作的可塑性,作品也嘗試讓空翻、特技等…華麗技巧不止只是好看,而是製造出能過讓觀眾有共鳴的畫面。

The work takes the direction of developing special dance and Tricking Flow as the physical vocabulary of the work. During the process of dancing in the work, the dancers are combined with a machine intelligent ball, and the plasticity of movements is sought in the trajectory created by the intelligent ball. The work also tries to make the gorgeous techniques such as somersaults and acrobatics not just visually pleasing, but also create a resonating picture for the audience.

The content of the work uses negative emotions such as sadness and loneliness to explore the appearance of every person's expectation of being cared for in such negative states. Often, when people feel sad, it is not that they are defeated by sadness, but rather that the expectation of being cared for and seen by others has been eroded. When people feel sad, many choose to express it on their faces, seek their friends' care, or post their emotions on social media, hoping that someone can see their sadness and care about their state. However, if no one cares, does the inner pain become more severe?

Who sees the sadness? Is it him? Her? It? God? Perhaps you need a pair of eyes to care about you and accompany you to face it, but perhaps true relief comes from needing to see it yourself.

創作者|About Artists


團隊以推廣Tricking文化為核心方向,同時承辦Tricking比賽(ONE JUDGE)、Tricking空翻網路教學片製作及創作。表演除Tricking空翻元素展現出獨一無二的風格,更結合街舞、當代舞、跆拳道及XMA…等不同風格融於作品中,使表演作品豐富度及特色更上一層樓。

Apexkill is the only professional Tricking performance team in Taiwan, established in February 2020. The team name implies top-notch skills combined with lethality. In recent years, they have actively participated in competitions and various performances and cultural events in Tricking, street dance, contemporary dance, and other fields. The team is composed of members from different fields such as street dance, modern dance, Taekwondo, circus, and more, who incorporate their skills into Tricking, making Apexkill a unique and versatile performance group.



Choreographer/Team leader: Wen Qi wei
Artistic director: Zhang Guo wei
Assistant team leader/rehearsal assistant: Chen
Yun liang
Dancers: Chen Yun liang, Guo Jue kai, Chen Chun Kuan, Wang Chen An



Black Box of Shinehouse Theatre

2023/4/22 20:00


Fashion Institute of Taipei

2023/4/23 15:00

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