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Resident Island Dance Theatre

©Huang jyong jhe


Ice Age

這個作品是由視障編舞家張忠安和法國身障編舞家Maylis Arrabit進行國際合創的全新共融編舞,自2019年年底開啟作品發展與對話,卻因疫情巨變影響也讓國際旅行受限,期間嘗試以線上及科技協助的方式進行跨國合作,在這個過程中,兩位編舞家都在探索兩個平行現實之間的共存,它們既被“時空”隔開,同時又被它結合。而在這樣嶄新而充滿挑戰的合創方式,每一個動作質地、結構概念與思考面向都顯得更為重要。
經過長期緩慢地認識彼此、進行溝通與交流,在蘇格蘭國家舞蹈中心(Dance Base)終於將這兩個平行時空相聚進行重組並在2022愛丁堡藝穗節展開世界首演,即將展開世界巡迴!

"This artistic project is of great importance to me. Its long process, in a world disrupted by the pandemic, the mixture of our cultures and our experiences only reinforce its relevance, its added value and its quality." By Maylis ARRABIT.

“In the major event of 2022, human beings are constantly looking for a way to survive from the huge negative energy. Life seems to weaken, the relationship and trust between people are fragile or even stronger. However, in these difficult moments, dance is our universal language. Dance fades the uncertainty and fear away. It makes us believe life can always find a way out.
This is a long term international collaboration that took three years to produce in 2020. It is co-produced by two disabled choreographers of different nationalities, mentoring by the amazing woman Morag Deyes MBE, and music is composed by the talented musician Tom Williams Hill. We try to explore the conflict between the evolution of each other's way of life and self-awareness under the global pandemic. We have different national consciousness but we all fight the common enemy. This is a work that transcends visual and auditory aesthetics.

創作者|About Artists



CHANG Chung-an is an award-winning and prolific choreographer, established Resident Island Dance Theatre in 2010. He started to develop inclusive dance in 2019 after the British Council invited him to visit the Unlimited festival in 2018. His work inspiration is mostly associated with mental health care and social impact subjects.
2016 <Lost in Grey> invited by Dance Base, Edinburgh Fringe
2017<Factory> BETA Publica Dance Festival
2017 <Lost in Grey> invited by MoodIndigo, IIT Mumbai, India/ Changmu International Festival, Seoul, South Korea/ Sun PAC, Brisbane, Australia
2018 invited by British Council to Unlimited Festival for visiting
2019 <Factory> invited by Gothenburg Fringe & Istanbul Fringe
2020 <Ice Age> work in progress invited by Taiwan Dance Platform & Want to Dance Festival
2021 <Ice Age> was one of the shortlist of ISPA pitch new work
2022 <Ice Age> invited by Indepen Dance to the Gathered Together Festival (Glasgow, Scotland). R&D at Dance Base and world premier at Dance Base Festival, Edinburgh Fringe, Scotland
2023 <Ice Age> invited by FinFringe (Finland), RYK Festival(Iceland), American Dance Festival and Jacob's Pillow Festival.

©Huang jyong jhe


協作編舞家/舞者:梅莉絲.艾瑞彼(Maylis Arrabit)
音樂製作:湯瑪士威廉(Thomas William Hill)
藝術顧問:莫拉.戴燕(Morag Deyes)
國際開發製作人:足跡藝術(Step Out Arts)/葉紀紋(2019-2021.6)
國際暨專案製作人:蕭淑琳 Sasa

Artistic Direct//Choreographer: Chung-An, CHANG
Co-Choreographer/Dancer: Maylis Arrabit
Artistic Mentoring: Morag Deyes
Music composer: Thomas William Hill
International Development producer: JihWen Yeh / Step Out Arts(2019-June 2021)
International & Project Producer: Sasa HSIAO
Lighting Design/Stage Manager: Hsin-Yin Tsai
Custom desig:Li Yu WANG
Dancers:Yi-Chen JUAN 、Shih-yun Fang、Yu Cheng CHENG
Photography/Graphic design:jeon Jer HUANG



WAN Theater

2023/4/22 13:30

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