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Wu I Fan

阿嬤的衣服- 獨舞版

Grandma's Clothes - Solo Version


When a loved one leaves the world, the items left by him begin to have irreplaceable meaning. For those who use it later, it is not just an object, but an extension of a certain life memory and emotion.
If I can decide what kind of person I can give my important things to when I am alive, won't I cherish the time when I use things more?
During the days when she was with her grandmother in the hospice ward, she still paid so much attention to her clothing and manners. For her, it was a manifestation of her attitude towards life. I am always by my grandmother's side, and I hope she can do what she loves as freely as when she was not sick, and return to a relaxed, active and healthy body. The accompanying experience in the days of taking care of her is like an intimate pas de deux, but I did not get so closely connected until the end of her life.
Looking at the beautiful clothes she left behind, did grandma wear them to live the life she liked?
I took these clothes and put them on one by one, did I become another me, or was it that I was no longer just me, but me with my grandmother?

創作者|About Artists


探尋當代藝術與舞蹈和社會議題、自然人文間多面向交疊的各類型創作。以舞蹈劇場的型式來展開具有完整時間性的作品。 從身體的本質去找到舞蹈的各種特性、並持續進修各類型的舞蹈、理論、哲學思辨等。

Committed to inheriting and teaching Argentine tango: dance, culture and promotion and the re-creation of performance forms.
Explore various types of creations that overlap with contemporary art, dance, social issues, and nature and humanities. In the form of dance theater, works with complete timeliness are developed.
Find the various characteristics of dance from the essence of the body, and continue to learn various types of dance, theory, philosophical speculation, etc.



Choreographer:Wu I Fan
Co- choreographer/Dancer: Wang Chen Lun
Music design : Zheng Jingru
Lighting Design :TSAI,CHENG-LIN



WAN Theater

2023/4/22 19:30

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