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20 mins


Wan Theater

2024/04/20 19:00


Lie Down, and Manifest

顯化似乎是每個人 有意無意的日常口號

這個時代不缺煩惱 它 燉煮著全方位的煎熬
我 我我我 和我

拱著背 縮著胸
鬆不了 求的也總是到不了

輕輕地 撢開歪扭疊爆在心口的欲望小地標

啊 啊
細胞們逐漸張開嘴 吐出緊咬的想要
嗯 嗯
細胞們逐漸閉上眼 墜入鬆沉的訊號


靜靜地躺下 默默地等個一下兩下三下或者
有時候要幾萬下  好騰出 
心的 身的 
新的 深的        
      那個可能、可以會到來的也許就是顯化了 吧

Million thoughts in mind
The imposed urge to hurrah "we manifest"
seems to coil in a claimed authentic daily life

Million thoughts in mind, they never die they continue to thrive
No sign of being decreased, a huge sigh to see they succeed
Along with upcoming generations, along with silenced vociferation

Million thoughts in mind,
Million sights, sounds, smells, tastes, touches, thoughts in the "I"
You, he, she are all "I" ,
In the eye, in the ear, in the nose, in the tongue, in the body in the thinking of "I"

I with the heaviness
Of embodied desire,
Hunch, shoulders rounded, chest closed,
Far from relaxation
Far from existence to be manifested

Thanks to Qiji Daoyin
Every Tuesday and Friday
Do not forget not just a little help
In that significant chat on a warm Saturday

Subtly, off desire
Delicately, on love entire
A void, generously has been relayed
Ah Ah
Cells of all "I" loosen their jaws, yielding last want
En En
Cells of all "I" close their eyes, dropping beyond

"I" Hey, let us lie down"

Lie down, shall we wait
Million thoughts in mind, could be waived
Million voids in "I" , could be received and remained

Space spreads, bodies embrace;
and we manifest......perhaps


Chai Ju Shen

環境即興Geo-Choreo創辦者。以movement cultivation出發,感受空間中的movement distribution, density, viscosity, pattern, tendency。創作初衷在於實驗舞者和觀者相互表達與回應的歷程,讓兩者能忘卻他人的注視和評論,單純感受身心寰宇繼而產生能量與療癒。

Chai Ju aims to help people enjoy mental and spiritual serenity through dance and dancing. She attempts to create a two-way channel where the dancer and the beholder are receiving and giving in every possible form of message. Such a channel will encourage the fusion between the two ends, blurring the duality of the roles, and then temporal-spatial mindfulness is present. Through this, they both suspend gazes and judgements to simply feel the spiritual reign by themselves where they both are healing, healed and energetically radiant.


靈感、關懷與愛的提供者:Derek Wu、楊慧敏、Cecilia 、A-Wen、希浠、Chifang、欣翰、Po-Wei、Paul、Henry、Savina、David、 Katherine、Maggie、Jeff、Eugene、小維、育伶、佑靜和艋舺舞蹈節的團隊所有人

Choreographer and Performer : Shen, Chai-Ju
Providers of inspiration, care and love : Derek Wu, Hwei-ming, Cecilia, A-Wen, Y.H, Chifang, Po-Wei, Paul, Henry, Savina, David, Katherine, Maggie, Jeff, Eugene, Wei, Nina, Jessamine and all the caring team of Want to Dance Festival

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