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E1, P1

15 mins


Huajiang House Overpass


Banga Park Square

2024/04/19 19:45
2024/04/20 16:00

Kong kOng koNg konG KONG




"Using the sounds of the ten directions to perform Bagua, the dancer's center of gravity should be in the rhythm of retraction, so that every drop of the shoulders can have cutting energy.Tathagata comes, it will not come; if it is dancing, it will not move."

This dance uses the lion dance and ball-playing figures as a new field of preservation activities, retaining the mind's attention on the moving bodies, and also reproduces the many challenges faced by urbanization: the lost lion dance culture of Taiwan. Taking breath control as the core of the creation, it is necessary to jointly regulate the third wall between dancers and viewers due to the Western stage concept. It also simulates all the possible movements, forwards and backwards of the lion body technique, connecting the internal time of the dancer and the viewer, and through hesitant uprightness and sitting, it creates a non-reciprocal listening experience between performance and viewing. relationship structure. Let us see the sinking limbs, and the complex functions of the temples in the past are presented through the lion dance, such as: faith and entertainment, social connection and early consultation system. The two co-constructed transitional space brings us closer to the main temple of the soul. oscillations in the transition time.

Reconcile and highlight the overlapping and coexisting tension between sacred space and earthly place, and return to the (perhaps changed) spiritual habitat.


Chen Yueh En、Hu Xun Yuan/ {SHII}Art Integration Studio


2024年 編創《牧蒙歡歌》代表國立臺灣體育運動大學舞蹈學系參加新加坡春到河畔演出
2023年 飛舞獎舞蹈創作比賽創作組銅牌《棲身》編舞者

2024年 新人新視野《引》
2023年 MasDanza西班牙藝術節秋杉所在《不存在的身體》擔任舞者、舞躍大地銅牌獎《圭·卜》編舞者

SHII Art Integration Studio is a small-profit studio registered in 2023. It is a common platform that integrates new design partners with different professions in the modern art and literature industry.
Chen Yueh En
2024 Composed "Mu Meng Huan Song" and participated in the Singapore Spring Riverside Performance on behalf of National Taiwan University of Sport
2023 Ntus Flydanceprise Bronze Medal Award in the creative category of "Nestled Roots" as a choreographer
Hu Xun Yuan
2024 Young Stars New Vision "Yin" as a dancer
2023 MasDanza Spanish Arts Festival Autumn Cedar Sóo-Tsāi "The Body That Does Not Exist" as a dancer
2023 Creativedance Bronze Medal Award of "Gui Bu" as a choreographer



Choreographer : Chen Yueh En、Hu Xun Yuan

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