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K1. J3

11 mins


Longshan Culture & Creative Base Exhibition Hall

龍山文創基地 曉黑箱

Longshan Culture & Creative Base Black Box of Shinehouse Theatre

2024/04/19 19:45
2024/04/20 15:40

Tomoshibi (灯火)


There are quite a few words to express light in Japanese. “Tomoshibi” is light that is not very bright, such as small light floating in the dark, candle light, and such.
Tomoshibi is very transient, but its existence is so beautiful and powerful, and peaceful at the same time, which is just like life.
The meaning of existence of each one of us may be difficult to find, but there is. You may never understand and get lost. But just your existence will light around you just like a little flame light right next to you, which is something of value as a human.

Sance/ Satomi Itohara

Satomi Itohara是舞者、教師,也是日本橫濱專業當代芭蕾舞計畫 Sance 的總監。 她在家鄉日本山口開始接受芭蕾舞訓練。 移居美國後,她在猶他谷大學​​繼續學業,並獲得舞蹈學士學位。 隨後搬到紐約接受訓練,並受邀加入Davis Robertson.指導下的Joffrey Concert Group。
作為一名自由舞者,她被廣泛邀請與紐約的獨立編舞家和團體合作,並在美國各地巡迴演出。她喜歡編舞,也在紐約的大型舞蹈節和發表會上演出自己的作品,例如 The Dance Gallery Festival、Dumbo Dance Festival、The Identically Dance Festival 等。目前,她在東京及其郊區的工作室教授從嬰兒到成人的各種學生。 她為國際舞蹈節、獨奏會和比賽編排芭蕾舞和當代作品。她的作品曾在印度、墨西哥、新加坡和日本等國家演出。憑藉著深厚的芭蕾基礎,她致力於創作抽象而又引人注目的優美當代芭蕾作品。

Satomi Itohara is a dancer, instructor, Director of Sance which is a professional contemporary ballet project based is Yokohama, Japan. She began her ballet training in her home town of Yamaguchi, Japan. Following a move to the United States, she continued her education at Utah Valley University, where she graduated with a BFA in Dance. She moved to New York to train and was invited to join the Joffrey Concert Group under the direction of Davis Robertson. In high demand as a freelance dancer, she has worked with independent choreographers and companies in NYC, and toured around the nation. She enjoys choreographing and has presented her works in major dance festivals and showcases in NYC such as The Dance Gallery Festival, Dumbo Dance Festival, The Identically Dance Festival, and many others. Currently, she teaches a wide range of students from infants to adults at studios in Tokyo and its suburbs. She has choreographed ballet and contemporary works for International dance festivals, recitals and competitions. Her works have shown in countries such as India, Mexico, Singapore and Japan. With a strong foundation in ballet, she aims to create contemporary ballet works that are abstract yet eye-catching and beautiful.


編舞、舞者:Satomi Itohara

Choreographer and Dancer/ Satomi Itohara

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