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15 mins


U mkt Patio

2024/04/21 15:40




I recall the ownership of my own body and senses. Picking up the overlapped or passed by moments and fractions of life, the small pieces light or heavy, with or without shapes, I try to put these shards together to become a person, to become me.


LEE Yin-ying

李尹櫻 微光製造核心成員,2021年演出團隊作品《捺撇》獲日本橫濱舞蹈節暨舞蹈大賽雙獎項。策劃「到處跳舞」素人計畫,帶領民眾從感知身體開始,探索肢體與意識的銜接,創造身體使用的更多可能性。 近年也與不同領域藝術家合作,持續挖掘展演的多樣可能性,更跨界影像拍攝、戲劇肢體動作設計等。2023年獲ACC亞洲文化協會支持至日本參訪;2019年獲國家文化藝術基金會海外藝遊專案補助至日本東京學習舞踏;2009-2019曾任雲門2專職舞者。

LEE Yin-ying is the co-founder of Shimmering Production. She is the original cast for the Company's award-winning work "Beings" and has since performed the dance piece on international stages in Germany and Greece (2022-23), Japan (2023), Spain and Portugal (2024). She was a professional dancer at Cloud Gate 2 from 2009 to 2019, and toured internationally with the Company at the Joyce Theater, New York City Center, Sadler's Wells Theatre, Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay, International Tanzmesse NRW Duesseldorf, etc. Aside from live dance performances, LEE continues to explore various possibilities including cross-border video shooting, dramatic body action design, and sharing of physical skills with more professional dancers and non-professional ordinary people. LEE curates Shimmering Production's body movement projects for the public, leading the public to realize and explore the existence of the body, to perceive the connection between emotions and the body, and to create more possibilities for the body. In 2019, LEE Yin-Ying received a grant from the National Culture and Art Foundation's Overseas Arts Travel project to study Butoh in Tokyo, Japan. In 2023, with the support of the Asian Cultural Council, LEE conducted an Individual Fellowship to study Noh theater in Japan.


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