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60 mins


Banga Park Square

2024/04/21 16:10

《路之行走》在艋舺 (2024)

Ljuzem's Walk in Bangka (2024)

路之・瑪迪霖在屏東地磨兒部落出生和成長,她花了十年的時間致力於她的行為表演計畫 —《路之行走》,這是她尋找自我療癒的徒步之旅,也是為了所有渴望生活的人們的自我養成之路。
「每一步都是重建自我的開始和自我的療癒,每一次行走都是重新發現我的過 去、擁抱我的現在、看到我的未來的一種方式。」

Ljuzem Madiljin, born and raised in the Paiwan community of Timur in Pingtung County, spent ten years on her performance art project Ljuzem's Walk, which is both her journey on foot to find self-healing and a path of self-cultivation for anyone who desires to truly live.
In the modern age, when change can take place at any moment, walking allows us to experience the fine points of how things change with time. By bringing the soles of your feet in contact with the land, whether walking quickly, slowly, or just standing, you can piece by piece get back those bits of your inner self that have been stripped away.
“Each step is progress in rebuilding myself and a bit of self-therapy, and each walk is a way to rediscover my past, embrace my present, and see my future.”


Ljuzem Madiljin

屏東縣三地門鄉地磨兒部落排灣族人,蒂摩爾古薪舞集創辦人暨藝術總監,長年居住於部落,是地磨兒樂舞文化的傳承者、樂舞文化藝術的教學者、Tjimur身體技巧的研發者。2014 年開創排灣族當代舞蹈教學系統,致力探索排灣族以歌入舞之呼吸方法,進而研發出排灣當代身體訓練,突破舞者使用身體慣性,持續開發潛能與極限。2018 年創辦「TJIMUR藝術生活節」並擔任策展人,開拓部落文化藝術與國際對話,並持續推動部落巡演、駐館計畫及藝文推廣活動等,活絡臺灣藝術的傳播與發展。

From the Paiwan community of Timur in Sandimen Township, Pingtung County, Ljuzem Madiljin founded Tjimur Dance Theatre and is its artistic director. As a longtime resident of Timur, she is a transmitter and educator of its singing and dancing culture. She is also Tjimur Dance Theatre's physical skill developer. In 2014, she pioneered the Paiwan contemporary dance teaching system, dedicated to exploring the Paiwan breathing method that incorporates singing and dancing, and then developed the Paiwan contemporary physical training regimen, which helps dancers break past physical inertia to develop their potential and push limits. In 2018, she launched and curated the Tjimur Arts Festival, initiating dialogue between her community’s culture and the world. She continues to bring touring performances to Indigenous communities and promotes resident artist programs and other art and culture events, all of which drive the spread and development of art in Taiwan.




Concept, choreography, music and performance: Ljuzem Madiljin
Outside eye: Baru Madiljin
Videography: Willam Lü
Photography: Ba Sa-xi
Administrative Assistant|LI I-hsuan

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