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10 mins


Wan Theater

2024/04/21 14:00

單 ‧ 身



《單 ‧ 身》,作為單一、奇異個體的意思,在作品裡表達被社會排除、孤立於多數與大眾之外的特殊個體,並非在描述都會愛情剩男剩女或心碎情傷的碎語,而是在審視都會中普遍現代人禁錮自我、封閉內心的存在狀態,藉此探討個體生命在城市中的孤獨狀態,再現個體面對自我無法與人交集、傾吐或膠著所造成的存在性不安,也點出生命終極孤獨的寫照:人出生到死都是孤獨一人。

"Singular" means a single, singular individual. In the work, it expresses special individuals who are excluded by society and isolated from the majority and the public. It is not a description of the leftover man or woman in urban love or the fragmentary words of heartbreak. Rather, it examines the common state of existence in cities where modern people confine themselves and close their hearts, thereby exploring the lonely state of individual life in the city, and reproducing the existential uneasiness that individuals face when they are unable to interact, talk, or stick to others. It also points out the portrayal of the ultimate loneliness in life: a person is alone from birth to death.


Wen-jinn Luo

稻草人現代舞蹈團藝術總監暨核心編舞、表演家。美國伊利諾大學舞蹈藝術碩士。一半漢人一半泰雅族,擅長從周遭環境吸納各種能量並轉換成獨樹一格的身體語彙與創作能量,進而發展出與各種環境共振共感、風格動人強烈的特定空間創作表演。不追逐潮流的創作信念,喜歡自文學及哲學汲取創作養分,用舞蹈作為觀察的鏡子揭示生活與人性的荒謬,陸續發表過曾獲文建會及法國巴黎台灣文化中心遴選參與【2011外亞維儂藝術節】演出,並獲法國《Reg'Arts 表演雜誌》譽為“令人驚嘆的創作”的《鑰匙 人‧The Keyman》、2017年獲香港舞蹈團之邀赴香港演出的《詭 跡Dripping》,以及挑戰經典文學、深思熟慮、古怪奇特的《虫The Bug》(2018)、《深淵Abyss》(2019)、《巢Hideout》(2021)、《七體Figure 7》(2022)等。

Artistic Director, Choreographer and Performer of Scarecrow Contemporary Dance Company (SCDC). Master of Fine Arts in Dance, University of Illinois, USA. Inheritance of two bloodlines from Han and Atayal, Wen-jinn is good at absorbing various forces from the surrounding environment and transforming them into her unique body language and creative energy, and then develops them into a distinct, strong, and moving site-specific performance style. Creativity belief that does not follow the trend, Wen-jinn likes to draw choreographic nutrients from literature and philosophy and use dance as a mirror of observation to reveal the absurdity of life and human nature. She has choreographed numerous distinctive dance works for SCDC since 2010. The Keyman (2010) has been selected by the Ministry of Culture and the Taiwan Cultural Center in Paris, France to perform in 2011 Avignon Off Festival and was praised as an "amazing creation" by the French "Reg'Arts Performance Magazine. Dripping (2015) was invited by Hong Kong Dance Company to perform in Hong Kong in 2017. In addition, Wen-jinn’s choreography is known for her thoughtful and eccentric style challenging from classic literature, such as The Bug (2018), Abyss (2019), Hideout (2021), Figure 7 (2022) and so on.


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