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20 mins


Wan Theater

2024/04/20 16:30

瑪麗, 林Mari-Lynn



──瑪麗, 林 Mari-Lynn

延續實驗以建築/空間/環境為創作初始核心的概念,獨舞作品《瑪麗,林 Mari-Lynn》以臺北市萬華區(艋舺)為主要創作基底,聚焦於臺灣風月產業相關歷史、文化脈絡與社會觀點,創建人物角色及敘事內容。從劇場、封閉式非劇場空間到開放的廣場,對應不同空間的本質和特性,分別發展不同的表演形式,衍生對於同一人物角色的不同詮釋,呈現探討同一主題的多元面向。
當代身體表演為載體,與夢境的感性流動相互交織,在當下的現實空間與超越時空限制的非現實時空之間,呈現艋舺萬華的地理特性及衍生的相關經濟產業,於社會環境的持續轉變中,累積及遺留下來的樣貌。《瑪麗, 林Mari-Lynn》或許來自川流往來此地的人們留下的一縷氣息、一步足跡,甚或又輕又重的情慾流動、情感連結,在時間的甬道裡與空間/環境相互無盡地映照,無數餘光殘影集結印刻在一具肉身,消融後幻化成潛意識深處無止盡的夢。瑪麗, 林Mari-Lynn 既是他/她自己,也是往來無數的眾人,承載此地的過去,存在於當下,也每時每刻亦步亦趨地轉化成未來。

1. Kosta T - Complect for...... (Album- complect for......) (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 US)
2. Schemawound - A Letter Written In Blood (Album- Regardless Of Your Heart One Day You'll Rot.) (CC BY 4.0)

"I, have been slowly collecting all the lights and forming them into a plait as time goes by, there might be some adoration, including desire, love, freedom, loneliness, pleasure and some of the pain written in a cheesy and sensational love song.
However, we would meet up between our dreams and realities daily, under different lights, to satisfy each other with the love that is masked by the pretense, and maybe some sincerity." Mari-Lynn says.
Mari-Lynn, a solo performance that is inspired by architecture, spaces, environment, history, and the oldest profession in Wanhua district, Taipei city. According to different venues' characteristics, a unique structure is created for each performance and distinct personalities are created for each Mari-Lynn. Gathering little senses and messages whispering in the spaces and the endless dream, to create and become Mari-Lynn, he/she is not only him/herself, but people who come and go, in the past, being present and keep transforming into the future.

Music: (*Adopted and remixed)
1. Kosta T - Complect for...... (Album- complect for......) (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 US)
2. Schemawound - A Letter Written In Blood (Album- Regardless Of Your Heart One Day You'll Rot.) (CC BY 4.0)


HUANG Chih-Chia


Huang, Chih-Chia, a freelance performing artist.
Being emotional and sensitive as a dancer and actress, to explore through body and dance movements, at the same time, being rational to construct the narrative as a director and choreographer; gathering all the previous working experience in theater, dance, film and performance art, I have been keeping experimenting the structure and formats of my performing art's work. Recently, I have focused on the process of building up the methodology of my creative work. To discover specific architecture/space/environment and see it as the original main theme, to create the imaginary characters, dance, movements and stories which echo the characteristics, history and atmosphere of the spaces, and construct the elements into different forms, which could be presented via different media, including dance film and live-performance dance solo.



Director / Choreographer / Dancer / Sound / Costume:HUANG Chih-Chia
Lighting Design:YIN Sin-Syong

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