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15 mins


Wan Theater

2024/04/20 13:30




相對於時間,擺盪的人們在這細碎之間,我們調整著步伐好讓自己鑲嵌進生命虛無的大河中,偶爾咒罵、偶爾竊喜、偶爾狂歡,但多數時候人們只是如行屍般無意識的前進或輪迴著,就像在站大雨中哭泣時的眼淚,毫不顯眼的消失。 相對於人本身記憶是主動,遺忘是被動的,也就是說人能夠主動選擇記住某件事,而不能選擇去忘記某件事,即使我們可以選擇記憶傳承,必然隨著時間的消逝,有些事情會被遺忘、有些事情變得陌生、有些事情變得無感,如磚瓦般剝落漸漸地放下褪去。 我們時常忠誠於過去,嘗試開啟當下,早在人們意識到時間的存在,便是生活在剩餘時間中的餘留者。 作品中使用到特殊的道具「骨牌」,是我對於「時間」的實體想像,如果人能成為一個載體,那麼我們將時間握在手中,不斷的建構與毀壞,慢慢排列出屬於自己的人生軌跡。

Against the time, the pendulum swings as we pace ourselves into the river of life's emptiness, occasionally cursing, sniggering, reveling, but most of the time, we simply wander aimlessly or reincarnate unconsciously, like the tears that disappear unseen as we stand weeping in the pouring rain.In contrast to memory, which is active, forgetting is passive, which means that one can opt to remember something, but not to forget it. Even if we can choose to pass on our memories, it is inevitable that as time passes, some things will be forgotten, some will become unfamiliar, and others will lose their sense of meaning, like bricks and tiles flaking off and gradually falling away.

Life is like a journey of escape, and time is the bullet that is fired every day, and there is no way to break out of the cage. We are often faithful to the past and try to open up to the present, long before we realize that time exists, as a leftover living in the remaining time. The dominoes used in the piece are my physical imagination of "time". If one can be a carrier, then we hold time in our hands, building and destroying it, slowly arranging the trajectory of our own lives.


D_Antidote Production


"Next generation's most promising choreographer" —— by Goethe Medal recipient Yi-Wei KENG

"D_Antidote Production" was established in 2022, with Artistic Director CHUANG PO-HSIANG endeavoring to explore the realms of the body. Drawing inspiration from both societal life and imaginative landscapes, the company seeks to transform and merge artistic vocabulary through the expression of diverse elements. The aim is to delve into the intricate sensations of life and embody a distinctive visual style, attempting to shape works that engage in a meaningful dialogue with both the audience and society. The aspiration is to construct a creative mirror through the act of creation, allowing viewers to seek their own life remedies. Art, in this context, serves to make individuals more connected, and through continuous creation, the company aims to unite people and aspires to be a source of warmth.

Within its first year, CHUANG PO-HSIANG led the team to achieve second prize in the 2023 Spain MASDANZA Choreography Competition, leaving both on-site judges and participants amazed. In the same year, the company also participated in the semi-finals of the Yokohama Dance Collection in Japan. The company is also gearing up to present its three-year creation, "Palingenesis" as the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Taiwan Season in August 2024.



Choreographer : CHUANG PO-HSIANG
Dancer : Ong Kuan Ying、Huang Shi-Hao
Lighting Design : Lin Chia-Liang
Producer : Hank LIN
Executive Producer : HUNG Hsiao-Yung

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