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《Remind/Rewind》Based on the concept of media as the extension of flesh, consciousness and senses, discussing the boundary and correlation between "virtual" and "real" from the performer in video and reality, and takes "how to watch", "how to involve" and "how to act and react" as the starting point. When the virtual and real world are juxtaposed in the same field, as a viewer, you could also search what kind of perspectives can be used as entry point of the performance, and further clarify the reason why the human body is the content of the image, from which you can get how to expand thinking.

It also emphasizes the existence of "time" in reality and images, so that the body feeling of time can return to multiple sensory combinations (vision and hearing). Through the "adjustable" nature of video time, can this nature intervene in reality again, blur the timeline between reality and virtual, and conduct a complex time dialogue between them.

Further, through the switching of spatial and image perspectives, we can create a sense of interleaving when viewers watch the performer and video synchronously, and also explore the imagination that people in a generation surrounded by electronic products and social media have been imprisoned in images and can’t escape, so as to further reflect on the relationship and relevance between themselves and the media in modern society.

現就讀於北藝大舞蹈所創作組二年級,街舞舞齡約十二年,自大學時期開始參與劇場演出。 曾參與舞作如:
松菸Lab新主義 劉冠詳 《野外》、
破殼藝術節 驫舞劇場 《根據真人真事改編》、
北藝大舞蹈系年度展演 劉奕伶 《13+1》、
艋舺國際舞蹈節 耿一偉/鋰舞團 《You Jump, I Jump》。

在作品創作上的中心思想為: 「尋找不同的方式來觀看與連結世界、挑戰對既有觀點的認知,藉由對現象或是議題性的提問,在以身體為創作媒材的基礎上,以文本與理論為輔,進行時間、空間、感知上的解構與再製造。」 並在音樂、動畫、影像、戲劇方面,致力於不同表演形式和媒材的學習與結合, 探索伴隨著新科技而來的新觀演關係與世界觀。

I’m studying master’s degree in TNUA now, and major in choreography, I have been a street dancer for twelve years, and have participated in theater performances since I’m in college.

The main idea in the my creation of the work is: "Finding a different ways to see and connect the world, challenge the cognition of existing views, and deconstruct and remanufacture time, space and perception by asking questions about phenomena or social issues, which is based on the body as the creative medium and supplemented by literature and theory." In terms of music, animation, images and drama, it is committed to the learning and combination of different performance forms and media materials, and explores the new relationship and world view with new technology.


Choreographer/Technical director/Video design:
Dancer: CHOU, TZU-YU

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