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肢體劇場、共融、 視覺藝術、舞蹈劇場
Dance Theatre, Physical Theatre, Inclusive, Visual Art



愛的語言__Dear You

Dear You


關於我愛你三個字,你知道的多少? 在一段一段的關係之中重疊、幸福、掙扎、破碎,一切關乎於你——你如何表達愛?

在親密關係中總是充滿了矛盾與衝突,舊作《愛的語言》以五位表演者自身的生命經驗為素材,集結各種不同樣態的關係與衝突,試圖形成當代家庭風貌及情感狀態的眾生相,期望喚起觀者自身經驗與作品之連結,並從中尋求屬於當代社會「愛」與「衝突」之共同經驗與普遍性的感受。而《愛的語言__Dear You》則嘗試反向操作,以兩位女性的私密碎語為出發點,以個人的詮釋及觀點,回應原作中之故事與文本,企圖再從普遍性當中尋找一種屬於個人的多元觀點。

❖ 演出涉及極大音量、暴力、裸露、成人議題等內容,請自行斟酌觀賞。

”I love you.“

How much do you know about love?

Overlap, happiness, struggle, brokenness in relationships, it's all about you - how do you express love?

Involved in the Intimacy relationship is always full of contradictions and conflicts. The old work "Language of Love" uses the life experience of the five performers as the material, and gathers various relationships and conflicts of different forms, trying to form a contemporary family style and emotional state. The image of all beings hopes to evoke the connection between the viewer's own experience and the work, and to seek the common experience and universal feeling of "love" and "conflict" in contemporary society. "The Language of Love__Dear You" attempts to reverse the operation, starting from the private words of two women, responding to the stories and texts in the original work with personal interpretations and opinions, and trying to find individual perspectives in the universal feelings.

❖ With loud voice, violence, nudity, and other adult issues.


Born in 1999, sensitive, crying and affectionate Pisces. Likes to soak in water when she has nothing to do, such as bathing, surfing, snorkeling, swimming, free diving, hot springs... As long as it is water. Currently studying at the Department of Film Creation at National Taipei University of the Arts, majoring in camera performance and minoring in dance, and usually pays attention to intimacy relationships and gender issues. Creation and performance wander and explore among dance, video, drama, and performance art, and actively seek the possibility of cross-domain works. He has participated in the Green Island Human Rights Art Festival, the Taipei Fringe Festival, the Mengka International Dance Festival, the National Taiwan University Art Festival, etc.


Choreographer:Lucy LU
Dancer:Lucy LU、Huang TzuChia
Lighting Design:Sun Yu-Wei
Sound:Wen Cheng , Lan
Photography:Chou, tzu-yu

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