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That thing I regret the most

★ 首演 Premiere

你到目前為止人生中最後悔的一件事? 我最後悔的一件事就是把妳放開,妳從我身邊離去, 而我們永不在聯繫,找不到彼此。 她會尋找我嗎? 我是否尋找到她? 我自內心回答,詢問自己 是否會回到從前 我已是聽見妳的聲音 感受妳的肌膚 感覺妳就在我的身邊,一直陪伴著我 在我難過、悲傷、孤獨的時候在旁支持著我 我坐在椅子上看著我們的照片 無意流下後悔的眼淚, 幻想妳在我後背環抱著我跟我說「我就你身邊不要難過,我一直在你的心中」 聽著妳對我說的話,我內心有一點點的好轉, 但這都是暫時的,因為妳已經離開我了。

這些都是我過去一個聲音、回憶。 我始終對過去的事感到後悔。 回憶中最讓人難過的, 總是愛你的人為你傷心難過的時刻。 有些事不是你抗拒,就不會發生, 有些事不是你想要就想要再一起。

What’s that thing you regret the most? My regret is letting you go, letting you leave. Never to gather, never to be found. Does she look for me? Do I look for her? That I ask myself. If we ever go back to where we were. Have I already heard you, felt your skin, felt your existence, like you were beside me. Have you been there when I need you the most? I sit on a chair, watching our photos. I shed a tear with regret, imagining your behind me to wrap me up with your arms. “I’m right here for you, don’t be sad. I’m always here” I start to smile again

However, that’s merely my imagination. You’re gone That’s all the sound from the past. The memories. That’s the one thing I regret

呂紹可,桃園人,就讀國立台北藝術大學舞蹈系貫六。近年來力至創作於表演,參與編創北北風創作平台第二屆【默狂】榮獲主任特別獎,創作作品【Tomorrow will save us】【後來的我】。參與演出北藝大舞蹈系先修第18屆先三畢製【以上皆是】,北藝大2019舞蹈學院初夏展演逆流【Noodle Dance】,2019藝穗節【她的故事-他的故事】,北藝大2019舞蹈學院歲末展演衡【Dissappearing Sounds】, 2020台北藝穗節《娼》。

Lu, ShaoKo, Resident of Taoyuan, Student of Taipei National
University of Arts (TNUA), Department of Dance. He has devoted himself to the choreography and performing of dance.
- participated in the choreography of [Silence] in the Second Beibei Creative Platform Show and won the Director's Special Award
- created the dance pieces of [Tomorrow will save us] and [Later I].
- performed in the following events: the 18th Graduate Show of the Department of Dance of TNUA - [All of the above]; 2019‘s early summer show of TNUA- [Noodle Dance]; 2019 Wheatear Festival - [Her story - his story]; TNUA 2019 Dance Academy Year-end Exhibition - [Dissappearing Sounds]; 2020 Taipei Fringe Festival【Prostitute】


Dancer: Yang Dik Yin ,Lin Wei Chen

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