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The current epidemic dominates the human world and has become the source of all kinds of oppression in life. The weak souls of the people lack support, and the cultural phenomenon of religious beliefs has become a form of social consciousness. This work is created based on the ancient traditional "blessing ceremony". idea. The energy that folk customs give human soul and spiritual comfort, extracts the secret images of witches and witchcraft legends recorded in the "Shan Hai Jing" of the beast "Pen Ru" and myths, and translates them into the context and core of the creation of the body of the work.
Transmigrating oneself into the form of a god of all things in the jungle, it is like a witchcraft-like imagination. The unruly posture of the beast is like the pride of the development of human science and technology civilization, and the epidemic is like a cold winter and the cold and merciless attack of the world freezes its world through two feminine dances. The soft and rigid postures of the participants blend with each other. How will they build the resonance of each other's body and soul in a two-person posture? Actually enter the washing of nature's energy, feel the energy and calmness brought by flowers, plants and trees, what kind of form will this beast finally metamorphose into?

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驁 鹿
​Creatives & Cast
Choreographer: Wang Yu Ling
Dancer: Wang Yu Ling、Hsu Pei Jia


Wang Yu Ling


日常與舞蹈相伴,喜歡大自然及環境給予的能量,在當中將自我託付相互擁抱,經由舞蹈建構屬於每個當下獨有的共鳴,紀錄內在感受的每一天,現在生活在 我生活的 我的世界。

《侘寂》-優人神鼓《閾》老泉山現地創作計畫| 2020上海線上歌舞大賽舞蹈組 銀獎
《舞畫墨狂》feat.畫家 DOGZ合作 油墨舞蹈結合創作展演
《STORY THIEF II》-參與 2020女子WAY 個人展演

Accompanied by daily life with dance, I like the energy given by nature and the environment, in which I entrust myself to embrace each other, through dance to construct a unique resonance that belongs to each moment, record every day of inner feelings, and now live in my world of my life .

Wang Yu Ling
資產 2.png

驁 鹿

Ào lù





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