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「眾水包圍我,幾乎置我於死地; 深淵環繞我; 海草纏裹我的頭。 我下沉直到山麓, 大地的門閂把我永遠關閉; 耶和華我的 神啊!你卻把我的性命從坑中拉上來。」-聖經約拿書2:5-6


What does it feel like to be under the surface, hidden away, in a land under the mounting waters above where bars closed down upon you in the depths? What would it be to come up from such places? Research for this dance is based on the principle of 1) Emergence: how order comes out from chaos 2) Upwelling: the movement of warm yet nutrient depleted waters away from the surface which are replaced by the cold yet nutrient rich waters of the deep ocean 3) the Biblical account of the book of Jonah and how, through satire, it highlights that God gives each human chances to emerge from his own chaos into a person of merciful character. 4) Movement patterns are taken from the research of the ways in which fish school and how beautifully these connected swimming movements reflect the mind’s contemplation through dark times in life. 5) Images from whale fall and the life that is produced out of death have inspired the creators of this work to connect these research materials to the lives of a group of women in WanHua District that often find themselves “under the surface” yet with life that can be drawn up in them.  The lessons we take from the ocean, ancient literature, and fellow women enhance this experience as two female dancers take to the circular corridor bridge for a ten minute performance exploring the themes of panic, fear, chaos and how this rush of movement must be stilled, often in a dark place, in order to contemplate the questions in life that matter most. Darkness and difficulty producing the womb from which renewed life and light can emerge from. Emotions are the language of the body and we would like to invite you to join us in asking the question: What must well up before we emerge?

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​Creatives & Cast
Dancers: Yunchen Chang, Chelsea M Davis


Yunchen Chang / Chelsea M Davis


張勻甄為前無垢舞蹈劇場舞者、壞鞋子舞蹈劇場合作舞者。合作藝術家包含林人中、Liz Magic Laser、Claude Brumachon、和栗由紀夫、吳文翠等。表演暨創作實踐包含舞蹈、戲劇、錄像、行為、互動沉浸式等。2020年獲國藝會舞蹈類個人創作補助。

橋希雅現為三十舞蹈劇團的舞者,並經營舞蹈影像公司RozmovaFilms。畢業於紐約Marymount Manhattan College,前Störling Dance Theatre舞者,亦曾參與MeowWolf, Lemon Sponge Cake Contemporary Ballet, 3rd Law Dance/Theater等演出。曾受Industrial Dance Alliance, DançaNova, Communitas Dance邀請擔任專業編舞者,亦曾跟表演裝置藝術及音樂家共同創作藝術作品。

Yunchen Chang’s choreographic works have been performed in Taipei Fringe Festival, Want to Dance, and had her dance film work featured in international festivals. Ms. Chang has performed in the National Theatre and Taipei Fine Arts Museum and worked with River Lin, Liz Magic Laser, Claude Brumachon, and Legend Lin Dance Theater among others.

Chelsea M Davis performed professionally with FangYi Sheu, MeowWolf, Lemon Sponge Cake Contemporary Ballet, 3rd Law Dance/Theater, Störling Dance Theatre and choreographed for Industrial Dance Alliance and Communitas. In 2021 Ms. Davis will dance with SunShier Dance Theatre and continue creating with local artists.

Yunchen Chang / Chelsea M Davis
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