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Pat Toh

Joseph Nair

Topography of Breath

Topography of Breath evinces a different mode of mastery over our bodies: sports culture, and the intense focus on endurance and productivity. Structured to resemble high intensity interval training, Pat Toh maps the corporeality of exhaustion on a kinetic terrain of muscularity and breath.

The body is a document of one’s life, the politics of its own being, its desires, conflicts and ideals. In Singapore where economic performance forms the national identity, the body becomes a form of human capital to be disciplined for constant growth. One’s physical endurance and prowess parallels the capitalistic society that demands faster, longer, stronger performance from its subjects; the measure of neoliberal resilience.

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Pat Toh的表演揭示了跨足劇場、舞蹈和臨場藝術之間的交匯地帶。她的創作實踐向身體進行內省,探索在規範性文化動能之外尋找其他世俗特性時所產生的種種建構、功能和過程。她的作品曾於多個國際藝術節展出,包括cont.act當代舞蹈節(新加坡)、愛丁堡藝穗節、Liveworks實驗藝術節(澳洲)、CROSS Festival(義大利)、Indonesia Dance Festival 印尼舞蹈節、NDA國際舞蹈節(韓國)、HDX舞蹈交流(香港)、FMK國際舞蹈節(寮國)和耶路撒冷Machol Shalem舞蹈中心(以色列)。她目前是新加坡舞蹈核心Dance Nucleus 的合作藝術家。

Pat Toh makes performances that unfold at the intersection of theater, dance and the live arts. Her practice looks within the body, into the construction, functionality and processes that occur in search of other worldly characteristics outside of the normative cultural dynamic. Her works have been presented in Cont.Act Contemporary Dance Festival (Singapore), Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Liveworks Festival of Experimental Arts (Australia), CROSS Festival (Italy), Indonesia Dance Festival, NDA International Dance Festival (Korea), HDX Dance Exchange (Hong Kong), FMK International Dance Festival (Laos) and Machol Shalem Dance House’s Jerusalem (Israel). She is currently associate artist with Dance Nucleus (Singapore).

Marvin Tang


Choreography: Pat Toh in collaboration with Andy Lim
Performer: Pat Toh
Production Design: Andy Lim



WAN Theater

2023/4/22 19:30

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