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從自身性格出發的反思 以膽小出發 透過人類對鼠類的誤解:小以及在暗處所以膽小 來發展連結自身反思後的自己 是膽小的。 是不敢嘗試的。 是怕被看的。 是容易被擊倒的。 堅強,都是假的。 膽小所以假裝勇敢 ? 不過 鼠,真的膽小嗎? 那 怯懦的自己或勇敢的自己 哪個是真的? 藉由大眾對鼠輩的刻板印象, 抽絲剝繭的提問,反思到自身內心的探索

A journey of self-inquiry Through the public's stereotype of rats Questioning and reflect on your own inner exploration.


Hunt Hsu


Chen Hsu, born in Taipei, Taiwan. Introduces himself under the categories of a Professional Performer, Choreographer, Contemporary Dancer, Educator, Podcaster and Band Drummer.
He graduated from Taipei National University of the Arts where he started to train by Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Traditional Chinese Opera body training, Martial Arts, and Tai Chi. While at the TNUA he performed works of Martha Graham, Lin Hwai Min, Helen Lai, Graeme Collins, Bulareyaung Pagarlava, Ku Ming-shen, Xiao Xiong Zhang.
Professionally he worked with Cloud Gate Dance Theatre and Focus Dance Company.
Chen has performed internationally in The U.S., Germany, France, The U.K., Span, New Zealand, Mexico, Austria, Lithuania, Malaysia, Singapore, China and around in Taiwan.
As a choreographer, he has presented his works in recent years. including "Behind the Cold", "See Through Me", "Jerry", "Deformed Jerry", "Ideal Land" and "Old Smile".
In his career, he consistently explores the diverse possibilities of creation and choreography with the motivation of curiosity. And he expects to travel with his works and experience the world through performances.

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