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O1, T4

30 mins


Banga Park Stage


U mkt Plaza

2024/04/20 14:30
2024/04/20 15:20


A Journey of Rokuro





With dancers’ movements, the dance A Journey of Rokuro tells the audience a story of the rise and fall of the pottery wheel. The story unfolds as the pottery wheel is turned on, with the revolving stage and choreography, narrating the origin of the pottery wheel and its role in history.
The pottery wheel is an ancient and great invention that represents a turning point in pottery craftsmanship. With this revolutionary invention, pottery was no longer limited to handcrafting but could be produced efficiently and sprout diverse forms and aesthetics. Centuries later, the pottery wheel faced eventual replacement by machines, leading its once unassailable position in the realm of pottery to crumble.
With the close relationship of clay, while making pottery, A Journey of Rokuro depicts the breath and body movements of the sculptors. The studio attempts different ways to revolve the stage, showcasing the characteristics and technique of using a pottery wheel, combining the elements of contemporary dance, and coining a unique dancing style.
A Journey of Rokuro aims to deliver hefty significance and the emotion of a tool that has been used for ages and is now replaced by advanced technology. The dance will present the glorious moments of the pottery wheel and its once-indispensable status turned from essential to forgotten; by using the audience's curiosity about its glorious history, the dancers will present an immersive pottery cultural experience.
Whether they are dancers, sculptors, or the audience, A Journey of Rokuro evokes sympathy for a tool supplanted by advanced technology. From being popular to being forgotten, the shift of complex emotions tied to the pottery wheel arouses people to contemplate time and its cultural value.


Dawn Pottery Dance Studio


Established in 2023, Dawn Pottery Dance Studio focuses on creating choreography that blends contemporary dance with pottery craftsmanship. The studio name, “Dawn”-was derived from the name of the head and artistic director, CHEN, CHU-CHEN which refers to the sunrise that lit up the studio’s future path.
Initially, the studio emphasizes attempting and exploring cross-field combinations to enrich performance forms by fusing various fields, showcasing the connection between different art fields. Through this dance, our studio aims to fuse two seemingly disparate forms of art, seeking harmony and exploring new possibilities; through proficient pottery skills and dancing experiences, pottery sculptors and dancers dedicate themselves to creating fascinating and unique performances. The studio attracts attention for its original and innovative works, intending to bring intriguing art experiences to the audience.



Choreographer : CHEN, CHU-CHEN

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