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J1, G3

12 mins

龍山文創基地 曉黑箱

Longshan Culture & Creative Base Black Box of Shinehouse Theatre


T-UP Climbing Gym 2F Climbing Zone

2024/04/19 19:30
2024/04/21 15:30





漣漪可以源於擲一小石子在水面間、雨滴擊中水面、物體在水中的運動…等等。它自波源以無止盡同心圓的的形狀往外擴散,他會與周遭的漣漪相遇、打架 (交錯)、妥協 (相容為一)。本作品中兩個獨立的舞者扮演兩個不同源頭以及能量的漣漪,舞者們下半身似漣漪下沉的源頭,上半身則表現出在中上浮輕盈的質地並呈現出水的多種特性,有穩重的自圓心持續向外力度的延伸,也有低伏溫柔又堅持前行的軌跡,兩個漣漪方向不同但最終匯集同步。


Do you know that different water ripples have different charisma?

Ripples can originate from a small stone falling on the water surface, raindrops hitting the water, the movement of objects in the water, and so on. They spread outward endlessly in concentric circles from their source, encountering, clashing, and compromising with the surrounding ripples.

In this work, two independent dancers portray two different sources and energies of ripples. The dancers' lower bodies resemble the sinking source of ripples, while their upper bodies exhibit a light and floating texture, presenting various qualities of water. There are the steady extensions from the body centre outward, while there are also the gentle yet persistent trajectories of forward movement. The directions of the two ripples are different but ultimately converge synchronously.

What we would like to convey in this performance is, individuals in the society are like the myriad ripples in rivers and oceans, seemingly unrelated and opposing, but ultimately imitating, learning from, and accommodating each other in a fluid manner.


Chun Dance




Founded in 2012, Chun Dance has been dedicated to nurturing local dance performers in Taoyuan, and committed to fostering the enthusiasm of Taoyuan residents for the art of dance, bridging the gap between the public and contemporary dance.

From 2018 to 2023, we have been consistently honored as an outstanding performing arts team in Taoyuan, continuously exploring diverse forms and themes of performance, presenting aspects of public life, youth, family relationships, Hakka culture, and issues related to foreign immigrant communities.

Starting in 2023 and continuing onward, Chun Dance is advancing different performance activities in both artistic and popular dimensions. On one hand, we focus on elaborating dance techniques and enhancing the integrity of dance works; on the other hand, we aim to integrate dance performances into people’s daily lives. Our journey will continue, bringing our performances to local and global audiences.



Choreographer : HSIEH Yi Chun
Dancer : HSIEH Yi Chun、WU Yu chi

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