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A4, F2

11 mins


Tanbu Cultural Park Warehouse A


T-UP Climbing Gym 1F Tranning Zone

2024/04/20 16:00
2024/04/21 15:50





In the old legend of the Tlingit , Raven distributes fire to humans and brings the light and wisdom. Fujin and Muni represent thoughts and memories in Nordic mythology, they guard the world, and lead humans.
The Vikings sculpture or paint Raven's shape on flags, even release and follow it under sail.They believe this ceremony can expand their territory. Ravens are raised in Tower of London up to now, the British people believe that the ravens can protect the empire forever. Ravens have accompanied humans for more than a thousand years.
From the aspects of search, guidance, and growth, there must be such a character like Raven and leading us to the next step in our life. Even if it flies away, we still keep it in our mind. No matter whether we continue or have to leave in this relationship, it is very hard to forget the time with Raven then being a faith in our hearts. Based on such abstraction,I want to convey we used to memorizing the encounter and separation of a relationship in heart by this work. A sound of caw flying away but still reverberate whole land. Raven has completed its great commission. History will be recorded step by step.Humans will follow the figure of Raven and make our life meaningful eventually.


Huang, Shi-Hao


Huang Shi-Hao. Graduating from the Dance Department of the National Taiwan University of Arts in 2017 and then published works at "SunShier Salon Dance Exhibition", "Taipei Fringe Festival", "Want To Dance Festival", "Nuit Blanche Taipei", and "Dance Korea."
Collaborated with Taiwanese choreographers Chang Chien-Ming, Lin Yi-Jin, Xu Fang-Yi, Zhang Xiu-Ping, Li Ming-Zheng, and Chuang Poh-Siang. Joined " People Theater Company's" China tour and was selected as a performer at Hong Kong Disneyland in 2018. All of opportunity gave me more thoughts and enthusiasm for creation, and even more interested in studying" Somaesthetics." From 2021, major in choreography of the Dance Department of the Taipei University of the Arts.



Choreographer : HUANG SHI-HAO
Executive Producer : LIN CHUAN-JEN

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