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D1, O4

25 mins


Tanbu Cultural Park


Banga Park Stage

2024/04/19 19:50
2024/04/21 15:55


The Endless Road




"The Endless Road" is the first project of Vanbody Theatre's walking program, drawing inspiration from two main elements accumulated by WU Wentsui: "Trekking" and the "imprinting of tea." Trekking is a form of dynamic meditation, transitioning from movement to stillness, offering a path from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Imprinting tea, on the other hand, is a form of static meditation, transitioning from stillness to movement, employing an abstract approach to tangible creation.

Set against the backdrop of the Tamsui River, where WU Wentsui frequently walks, the river mouth symbolizes Taiwan's gateway between heaven and earth, serving as a conduit for the exchange of energy. Moreover, it represents both a geographical exit and a historical entry point, as well as a crucial intersection for Taiwan's international connections.

As the historical and cultural pathways stretch along the rivers, the Xindian River, as one of the tributaries of the Tamsui River, brings endless richness and prosperity as it flows through Bangka.

Walking along this river path, our bodies sway with the flowing water, dancing with the scent of tea. Step by step, following the meandering river into Bangka, our footsteps overlap with those of our ancestors. In an instant, on the straight and endless road, the echoes of the past, present, and future merge. In this narrative, we are both ourselves and not ourselves.


Vanbody Theatre


Vanbody Theatre (formerly Chi-Body Theatre) was established in September 1994, renamed in 2004. Currently led by art director WU Wentsui, leveraging her extensive experience in body creation, the theater has developed the unique method "Actions Spectrum," formally named after its debut in the production "Flowers and Beyond" in 2014. Actions Spectrum integrates Tai-Chi Dowing by Taiwanese master Xiong Wei, Jerzy Grotowski's Mystery Play, and Tatsumi Hijikata's Butoh Fu, blending Eastern and Western performing arts with physical training. Through Tai-Chi Dowing and Butoh techniques, it builds a solid foundation for the body and mind, utilizing "tracing" and "imprinting" techniques to infuse the energy and memory of Taiwan's land into performers' bodies. Vanbody Theatre explores and creates contemporary Taiwanese body aesthetics using Actions Spectrum, aiming to unearth the most primal and profound elements of human expression, such as poetic rhythms, through mindful body-mind exercises. Each production and expression strives to embody a profound and precise dialogue akin to heart-to-heart communication.


表 演 者:吳文翠、李嘉艾、周怡楨、洪紫鳳、陳欣璟、蔡東皓 (4/21)

Art director /Director: WU Wentsui
Chief Executive Officer : TSUI Yating
Theatre Administrator: CHEN Hsinching
Production Consultor: CHEN Yuching
Costume Designer: CHANG Yuchieh
Music Designer: HO Chengyu
Performers: WU Wentsui, LI KaAi, ZHOU Yichen, HUNG Tzufeng, CHEN Hsinching, TSAI Donghao (4/21)

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