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C1, J5

10 mins

糖廍文化園區C倉 北側

Tanbu Cultural Park Warehouse C North

龍山文創基地 曉黑箱

Longshan Culture & Creative Base Black Box of Shinehouse Theatre

2024/04/20 16:25
2024/04/21 16:25


Dilip Bhoye

太陽與月亮、動物與植物、他與她、你與我、他與我與我與我。是「一起 」,也是一種「對立」,這是「關於」我們之間「同時」「擁有」的一種關係。

The sun and the moon, animals and plants, him and her, you and me, me and myself.We are all together, and at the same time also in a kind of opposition. This is about the relationship that we always have simultaneously.


Yu-Ning Liu

臺南人。臺北藝術大學舞蹈研究所主修表演畢。現為自由舞者/藝術工作者。2016年前往法國昂熱國家舞蹈中心與德國福克旺藝術大學進修,並獲菁霖獎學金參與美國舞蹈節。2019年參與Camping Asia發表作品《The moment in between》,2023年為「許芳宜&藝術家」之駐村藝術家。除了舞蹈,也跨域舞蹈劇場、劇團、特技肢體表演、音樂。近期合作的藝術家有許芳宜、賴翠霜、劉奕伶、孫正學、彭筱茵、Jan Möllmer ……等等。

Taiwanese. Graduated from the Department of Dance Performance at Taipei National University of the Arts. Currently as an independent dancer and artist. She was a recipient of the Talent Development Program from the Ministry of Education, through which she pursued further studies at Centre National de Danse Contemporaine in France and Folkwang Universität der Künste in Germany. In the same year, she was awarded the ChinLin Foundation for Culture and Arts scholarship to participate in America Dance Festival. In 2019, she presented her works "The Moment in Between" at Camping Asia in Taiwan. In 2023, she served as an artist-in-residence for "Fang-Yi Sheu&Artists." In addition to dance, she also engages in interdisciplinary collaborations including dance theater, theater companies, acrobatic performances, and music. Recently, she has collaborated with artists such as Fang-Yi Sheu, Tsui-shuang Lai, I-Ling Liu, Zheng-Xue Sun, Hsiao-Yin Peng, Jan Möllmer, Judith Sánchez Ruiz, and others.



Choreographer / Dancer : Yu-Ning Liu
Special thanks to Shao-Tung Tseng and Jhe-Jhih Wu

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