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18 mins


Fashion Institute of Taipei

2024/04/21 13:15


Pathway to Heaven Road

從《根據極有可能發生的真實事件》作品中,抽取的片段,在自我設立的限制中,我能如何移動,身體的行動會因為時間和塑膠板的重量而有所改變,一個勞動下的身體,在小心的步伐當中重新去挑戰。 攤開板子,在來回的路徑中,需要不斷往返才能再次前進,身體彎腰拾起的動作也不斷地重複,攤開健康步道又稱天堂路,關於兩種不同的隱晦。健康步道也常出現在公共空間中,小時候的經驗就是踩過去有益身體健康,過程的酸軟及痛感,很像我個人在經歷創作旅途的體感,同時,作品也將視為長期的創作研究,而空間的設置擺放了過去使用過的物件,類似於近幾年創作階段的回顧展。

From a fragment of "Based on the True Events that Would Happen", within self-imposed constraints, movement will be influenced by the constraints of time and the weight of plastic boards. The body, engaged in labor, undergoes alterations in its actions. With cautious steps, it embarks on a reinvigorated challenge. Spreading out the orthopedic mats (Taiwanese would call it "Healthy Path" or "Road to the Heaven"), Within the repetitive back-and-forth trajectory, constant retracing is necessary to advance once more. The action of bending down to pick up objects becomes a recurring motion. Unfolding the object, also known as the Heaven Road, introduces two different subtle aspects. The path, which is commonly found in public spaces, evokes childhood experiences where stepping upon it was believed to be beneficial for physical well-being. The process involved a sensation of acidity and soft pain, akin to the sensory journey I personally undergo in the creative process. Simultaneously, the work is envisioned as an extended exploration in the realm of long-term creative research. The spatial arrangement incorporates objects previously utilized, reminiscent of a retrospective exhibition encapsulating the creative phases of recent years.



2023 前往法國編舞中心Camping駐村交流
2022 TIFA《2057:給35年後的活存演習》創作並演出《根據極有可能發生的真實事件》、余余劇場《感覺速度》創作並演出《Andante》、政大藝文中心《抵達終點之前》臨場藝術召集令,與酸屋合作。
2020 衛武營馬戲平台駐地藝術家。

A dancer from Kaohsiung City Fengshan,Taiwan,working in the field of performing arts now. By researching a "action" form the body, to create sensation with linkage to past experience of the body. Recently, she have collaborated and worked with different individual artists, aiming to delve into and expand the boundaries of the body and dance. 2023 Resident Artist of Centre national de la danse Camping/myself/2022 TIFA's "2057:Rehearsing Ways of Living",created and performed "Based on the True Events that Would Happened" /NCCU ART CENTER "Before reaching" -Calling for Live Art, cooperated with Acid House/YU YU Dance Theater, choreographed and performed "Andante" /2020 Resident Artist of WeiWuYing Circus Platform.



Concept and performer : YU, MIN-TING

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