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C2, R2

30 mins

糖廍文化園區C倉 北側

Tanbu Cultural Park Warehouse C North


U mkt Patio

2024/04/20 20:30
2024/04/21 14:50


Mountain Ghost

Martin Roberts


本舞作以《山鬼》這首詩為靈感啟發,融合古老神話寓意及西方哲學思潮,探索非二元身份和性別流動性的思想。美國哲學家和性別研究作家朱迪斯·巴特勒曾寫道“性別是一種建構的身份,一種為普羅的社會大眾(包括演員自己在內)成就的表演”。 佛教經典《金剛經》也提到“眾生(人類和所有生靈)會經歷輪迴不斷變化,意味著沒有永恆的自我存在。” 我企圖以舞蹈創作的形式呼應性別(Gender)與性(Biological Sex)各自獨立的可能性,重視平等與多元化的社會價值。也藉由九歌《山鬼》這個角色,內觀個人與群體社會之間的連結效應,跳脫身份認同的刻板印象,進而在轉瞬即變的當今社會中找到「歸屬感」。

《山鬼的眾生相》於2023年8月開始發展的作品,目前已獲得柏林複合式藝術空間Trauma Bar und Kino三個月的駐村邀約,及德國弗爾睿典藏博物館(The Feuerle Collection)的贊助與支持,預計2024年秋季將在博物館獨特的展覽空間中發表一系列演出。本次演出將以階段性方式呈現。

This dance work "Mountain Ghost" is mainly inspired by an ancient Chinese poem called "The Mountain Spirit". It comes from Nine Songs, a set of poems that is attributed to the poet Qu Yuan (343–278 B.C.) The poetry, which may represent ancient shamanistic dramas, consists of lyrics that are meant to be performed. There are different interpretations of this poem. It is still difficult to discuss whether the protagonist is a god or a spirit, female or male, or something else. I believe that there is a strong connection between this poem non-binary identities and gender fluidity in our time.

As a choreographer, I am interested in taking something mythological from the past so that I can make it into something futuristic and relevant to our times. My attempt is to create a dance piece that not only expresses restless struggles and self-sorrow through the voice of the protagonist in the poem, but also one that liberates ourselves from gender norms and social repression. In other words, I want to pose these questions: What is under our skin? How do we feel a sense of belonging? How can we further explore whether identity is a fixed state or a constant search for balance?

"Mountain Ghost" is co-production with Trauma Bar und Kino and The Feuerle Collection in Berlin, Germany. At the heart of this project is the belief that art and dance can serve as catalysts for personal and collective transformation. The final outcome will be a carefully curated dance performance. Surrounded by timeless art pieces, we will blur the lines between the observer and the observed, the past and the present, and the individual and the collective. This performance will serve as the focal point of our collaboration, a profound expression that delves into the fluidity and ambiguity of gender identity through the lens of Chinese mythology and contemporary dance.

In this special occasion, on the stage of "Want to dance" Festival, I am honoured to share my work-in-progress since my first art residency at Trauma Bar und Kino in August 2023.


Po-Nien Wang

王柏年,出生臺北,11歲開始習舞。2011年加入雲門舞集,在藝術總監林懷民作品《白水》中擔任獨舞者。2017年受藝術總監瑪麗書娜邀請赴威尼斯雙年展演出。2018年旅居德國柏林,並頻繁參與歐洲各大劇院、藝術節演出。2022年在德國發表個人編創作品《The Miraculous Mandarin》,於漢堡和柏林發表演出。2023年擔任Aakash Odedra舞團排練指導,隨團赴法國及中國巡演《Samsara》。

Po-Nien Wang is a native-Taiwanese Berlin-based freelance dancer choreographer and performance artist. Most Recently he performed "Black Mountains" and "Astral Propeller" with Fabrizio Favale at the Milanoltre Festival, Italy and "Mitridate" at the Staats Oper Unter den Linden Berlin, Germany. He has also worked with Aakash Odedra Company as dancer/rehearsal director for "Samsara" China Tour and La Comete, France. In the meantime, Po-Nien launched his research/performance project "The Many Sides Of The Mountain Spirits" at Trauma Bar Und Kino Berlin, Germany. Po-Nien was a member of the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan. He was a solo dancer in Hwai-Min Lin's "White Water". Po-Nien began working as a freelance dancer in 2016. He has worked at Dance Ensemble Singapore, Ji Eun Jin Art Project (South Korea) as a guest artist. He was fortunate enough to perform at La Biennale di Venezia Festival 2017 (under the direction of Marie Chouinard). In March 2018, Po-Nien moved to Berlin. He has performed at the Staats Oper Unter den Linden, Pfefferberg Theater, Trauma Bar und Kino, Ufersudios, Lake Studio and the 48 Stunden Neukölln. He enjoyed working with choreographers such as Aakash Odedra, Aleta Collins, Ali Heffetz, Daniel Hay-Gordon, Fabrizio Favale, Gemma Payne, Koen De Preter and many more.

Andrew Stanley

監製:Troels Primdahl

Choreographer : Po-Nien Wang
Dancer : Po-Nien Wang
Producer : Troels Primdahl
Project assistant : Kai-Wen Chuang

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